Here's How I Get Game Consoles For Super Cheap

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Game consoles are expensive, but for a while I would consistently get game systems for cheap in order to resell in stores. Here is how I would get current consoles for less than a brand new game.

Soldering Station I Used:

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37 Replies to “Here's How I Get Game Consoles For Super Cheap”

  1. Andrew Bernard

    Hey – really enjoy the channel! I just picked up a used Xbox one s and the fan is really loud. I already changed out the hdd for a ssd and would like to replace the fan. Any suggestions where I can pick up a new fan? Thanks!

  2. 99nerka

    I have serious question as i saw "broken hdmi port" or "broken charging port" on quite a few console repair videos from diffrent youtubers: how the hell do you break it? I'm asking since it seems like a common fault.

  3. Jared Stewart

    This video was eye opening to the possibilities of tinkering with electronics.I understood everything you were doing as well I just needed the right push i guess. I tryed soldering once it was very hard you need a steady hand mine are shaky…. i attempted to solder the motherboard of rasberry pi zero to a gameboy that was modded. It was very tricky, but maybe i will pick it up and try my luck again would love to play my roms on my mini computer gameboy 😛 thank you

  4. Orelius

    Can you fix a 3ds xl for me and just tell me your price. I bought a part for it but when I try to replace it I could put it back. Maybe you can help.

  5. gdh1984

    Don't really mess with consoles but theres a mom and pop pawn shop and they're an elderly couple that don't really know about games or have any interest in them so their buying prices are worse than gamestop but they sell them dirt cheap also. I've bought a ton of brand new games there for 5 to 10 bucks

  6. #1gamer #1

    I got a PS4 of some guy on a app called letgo for 50$ it came with a memory bank and a 4tb hard drive I think he just put the hard drive in and didn't know how to install the update

  7. T L

    This guy bahabhabahbahaahahahah game consoles are expensive bahabhabhabhaba I use mine as a coffee cup coaster while gaming on my beast PC !! PC gaming is where it's at, who games on a crappy console other than young kids before they grow up and build gaming Pc's !!

  8. SourCream&Onion Gaming

    I remember when i was 6 and i hated cleaning my room so i never cleaned it i had a xbox 360 andone day i smell something burnt and i look through the holes and what do i see and dead roach but it still worked but it did smelled really bad and that exact same day my mom came into the room and thought i was smoking something

  9. Zackery Bethea

    I did the same thing with a pair of beats headphones the girl was selling them for like 65 $70 and it turns out I have my phone on me I checked it and they didn't have the chip that's supposed to auto pair just make sure what you're buying and make sure it's real and legit and that it's salvageable or fixable I realize that she was trying to scam so I left and didn't buy anything from her after waiting two or three days to get it from her and waiting an hour for her to show up

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