HDMI-CEC & Audio | How to Setup Your Soundbar With Samsung TV [Full Ver.]

Most recommended HDMI-CEC and Audio settings for Samsung TV to get best soundbar performance (any soundbar brand).

If you recently bought a soundbar to complement your Samsung TV, you will need the right settings on your Samsung TV to enable the desired performance from your soundbar. This video guides you through selecting the most recommended AUDIO and HDMI-CEC settings on your Samsung TV.

HDMI-CEC is a feature that allows control of multiple devices from one single remote, such as the TV remote (All devices must be connected via HDMI). For Samsung TVs, HDMI-CEC is referred to as ANYNET+.

For Setting Up HDMI-CEC, go to 00:01:32

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Disclaimer: The soundbar was tested on a Samsung 2017 Smart TV interface.

13 Replies to “HDMI-CEC & Audio | How to Setup Your Soundbar With Samsung TV [Full Ver.]”

  1. Steve

    When I turn my Series X on it turns on the Samsung Tv but won’t turn on the Samsung soundbar. The soundbar is using ARC and the Tv and Xbox are communicating via CEC. When I turn the Xbox off it’ll shut off the Tv and soundbar, as it should. It’s only when turning the Xbox on the soundbar won’t turn on. Extremely annoying, Microsoft should’ve stayed with the IR Reader, CEC sucks.

  2. Mike R

    You are the only one out of this whole fucking YouTube who helped me out. My Samsung tv wasn't picking up my Vizio sound bar and I called up vizio and Samsung, whoever isn't getting HDMI/Receiver you have to turn on Aynett or whatever it's fucking called, give it a few seconds to kick in tho and your Samsung tv should recognize it like this guy said in his post. Thank you very much, I was about to throw all my shit out the fucking window until I saw this…..

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