Hard Tire Class – Tesla P100D vs Model X P100D Ludicrous

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Back at Greer Dragstrip for a Hard Tire Race. The rules are simple, must have 220 or up tread-wear rating on tires, must have A/C and full interior. Luckily the Tesla Model S P100D ludicrous fits all of the rules.

39 Replies to “Hard Tire Class – Tesla P100D vs Model X P100D Ludicrous”

  1. Thomas Galland

    Lmao that BMW lost pretty hard, maybe it could have a better chance if the wheels actually gripped the pavement at the start rather than skidded.

    Would still trade in my BMW for a Tesla though.

  2. Chris Wyatt

    What are you worrying about, remember your a legend, a king when it comes to the track, folks always remember you to can go around town and win money,and to the track if you buy a car like this ,his channel wont be here in 2 years, every body will start getting these automobiles, makes me wonder if that's the plan in behind showing how you can take a car straight out of the factory and you too can think your the king of the road.

  3. Tom Harrison

    Some early footage says you might want to upgrade to a Model 3 Performance. Trade your P100D and walk away with some cash, too. (Might not want to mention the racing unless asked by the buyer.)

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