Hands-on: Philips Hue Go portable light

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The Philips Hue Go is a portable color changing light that works on the go. Buy on Amazon: Get the Bridge:

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32 Replies to “Hands-on: Philips Hue Go portable light”

  1. ChicagoTurtle1

    1. Is the Hue Bridge an app? Or another device I have to buy?
    2. What happens if the lightbulb inside breaks? Can it be replaced with a normal philips hue bulb? Or what’s the warranty??

  2. Brandon H

    Could you please explain to me why you need to purchase a separate bridge? I thought the whole point of buying a light like this is the ability to control the light with your smartphone.

  3. Terry Riley

    Jeff, it's because of your reviews that I sub'd to the channel. I appreciate your way of product description and pointing out the good and not so good product characteristics. This is the year I get my iMac 27" once Kaby Lakes are released. Finally I get to give my daughter the ol HP laptop for good. Thanks again for your forthright product review, they do help. TR

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