Hands-On: Lutron’s Smart Fan Controller Works With Apple’s HomeKit @ CES 2019

Lutron is going to be the first to release a fan controller that integrates with Apple’s HomeKit. AppleInsider goes hands on.
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13 Replies to “Hands-On: Lutron’s Smart Fan Controller Works With Apple’s HomeKit @ CES 2019”

  1. Cody Leger

    Appleinsider!! 9to5 Mac is saying that since all of their documentation and promotional materials has no mention of HomeKit that they will not work with HomeKit. Can someone reach out to lutron and verify that it indeed will work with HomeKit as long as paired to the HomeKit compatible bridge?

    I myself got an email today from lutron showcasing the new fan controller and nowhere in the entire thing did it mention HomeKit. But it sure did mention google and Alexa.

  2. DBlake

    I think I’ll just stick to my Caseta on/off style switch as I hardly ever change the speed. My current set up works perfectly especially since my fan light is a separate switch.

  3. Ira Kravitz

    The two questions that need answering are a. does it need a neutral (I use Caseta switches that don't require a neutral and they work beautifully) and b. what about the light on the fan?? Most fans have a light. I thought the middle button must control the light but according to your video it does not. Strange…

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