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  1. Cyber Swiper

    You get a lot of people who don’t pay attention to what their doing, but when I try to torp people they always seem to know I’m there or know that my torps are heading to them it’s so annoying so I just play AI

  2. New to the console version tho, based on my PC version experiences, I won't open fire on that Colo before launching torps cuz that would indirectly reveal my existence. And if that Colo is experienced enough too he would have stopped reversing to avoid any incoming torps, since he knew a DD just opened fire on him.

  3. bulldog 1990

    I'm a bad person for this but God I wish I had gotten the yudachi cause get clapped by 80 knot torps isn't fun especially since I love bbs. I also hate myself cause I'm just bad at avoiding in bbs.

  4. Mike Nimberg

    Hi, i'm pretty new to this game, I was wondering if you could maybe make a video about all nations in game, like what are their strenghts and weaknesses, what is the best nation for Battleships etc. because in my experience it's kind of confusing.

  5. Crimsonphoenix

    I've taken a small break playing Wowsl, the grind to the Iowa took it out of me. The teams have just seemed to lost the capability to think. Good video, when in doubt, bring the Yudachi out.

  6. Curtis Burnett

    Dude my Iowa couldn't hit anything this morning. Out of probably 16 full broadsides from under 15 k i landed two shells on a Wichita and finally died with only 12000 damage done.

  7. Jorge Omar Martinez Guevara

    I feel you Spartan I been trying to move up in ranks am in 7 and I just can't my teams are just trash I have one of my friends with me he sucks at the game but I got him to take the bases in a cruiser while I cover him and in last ranks battles it works pretty good but not this time the team just doesn't care about nothing i lost my shit so many times I was about to jump from the window 😂😂😂😂

  8. Ree Batmo

    I feel you brother. So many morons on the game. I don't just mean poor or new players, I mean absolute morons who just don't want to win, or even help their team. Sooooooooo bloody frustrating.

  9. Godzilla IV

    I hardly dealt with any potatoes in my ranked matches. For the most part I've had surprisingly good teammates. Went from ranked 10 to 5, almost 4 in 2 days. Have to say Lvl 16 Leg. 3 Sims in a Colorado. Her dispersion is absolutely beautiful. I'm willing to help people in ranked if they need it.

  10. Nick M

    I'm going to guess that if you were in the BB and were going up against an enemy destroyer and the destroyer on your team leaves you to deal with it by yourself, you'd be criticising their game play like nothing else.

  11. Matthew Peter Graham

    I wouldn't mind seeing a series of videos where stupidity plus your live stream sas (your very funny live) your rage 😆 plus minus that bleep sound when you swear ..it's extra editing I know but be nice to see you fail and laugh 😊 plus it's easier to get a bad game lol

  12. turok 86

    Hi Spartan, I've watching yor videos for some time, About the frustrating games I thought I was having a problem with my performance, but I was being the last one surviving all the time and ending allways top 3 for the last two days. I don't have a clue how 4 ships die in 4 minutes (1 ship per minute) and allways started with a serious handicap. I allways play solo but some days it seems when you are having a great performance in the week ,RNG makes sure you get potatoes so you have a hard time improving your xp and win rate. Salt ration is part of this game, we love it and hate it at the same time.

  13. Nick Maniaci

    Well played in the yudachi. I have a weird hybrid build giving me 2 reload boosters and using the longer range torps. Im waiting for a salty montage where we get to see clips of spartans not soo great games! Lol

  14. Alastor

    Ranked is utterly a shit show in terms of team coordination. And since that’s where all of the try hards call home with their Atlantas and Akataukis, I’ve just given up on Ranked. I love the game but the rewards are not worth the Frustration.

  15. The Goose Gaming

    The Sinop is one of the few ships I panic in when I get shot at. However thanks to a really good rudder I can usually bounce them. The scariest shells to avoid are crappy dispersion shells. American shells are really easy to avoid

  16. Amateur Artists

    Spartan if its to much stress to do good games and upload it on schedule, Just take your time on games, schedule dosent matter because if you lose you mind who will be the greatest Admiral WE HAVE EVER WATCHED. In True Spartan fashion you HAVE leave with JUST ENOUGH health and Self care to get away with minor schedule delay
    (i totally butchered that line)

  17. Storm Breaker

    I was having the same night last in ranked as well, but what worked for me was breaking away from the team an taking caps, ambushing, an supporting while burning down ships unseen an that work enough to rank up a couple times before calling it a night.

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