35 Replies to “GTM TV: Elon Musk on the Model X SUV and Tesla’s New Batteries”

  1. Pasha Pasovski

    Stop triping on Mars, teraform Sahara, solw hunger and anger , , priority is home, then the stars…You are smart enough to know this to be true and y8u can influence such evolution in humanity, asmNikolamTesla wanted to!

  2. silversobe

    There has been some recent breakthroughs in battery technology. Copper foam batteries can hold the same amount of energy with less volume, charge 5-10x faster and last 10x longer. It uses water based non-toxic chemistry that's more resistant to fire and its about half the cost of lithium-ion to produce. It would be perfect for electric cars!

  3. matthew burno

    since he has this thing with solar city that he can make solar powered charging stations. how about he offers some sort of deal? buy a tesla car you get a discount on a solar panel for your house?

  4. plavix221

    its not that i dont like beautiful cars and beautiful women. Nothing against it. But people who only thing that way and only think how to crush their opponents are just idiots.
    He does it the Batman style. haha
    also look what he will do for the space industry. Next year SpaceX already going to build 400 rocket engines a year bringing the cost down to 1000$/kg! their exist a concept to bring 600t solar power plants with 1 GWe into space. (called Mirasol, GeorgiaInsituteofTechnology)

  5. branot89

    He didn't have heritage. Actually, he earned money working on the farm of a cousin, when he was in high school. But he made a lot of money when he made PayPal

  6. nicke0b

    True, but its that segment of rich people that can buy the Tesla Roadster that enables Tesla to get money to go on and build cheaper mass market cars. That segment of people has been crucial to the Tesla business plan.

  7. plavix221

    elon musk is one of the few people who deserve it to be rich. most people only buy silly things like cars, ships, they dont know how to waste their money. He does something really great with his heritage.

  8. krzintegraboi

    if i had the cash i would buy the model s …with 160 miles range i can drive from jacksonville to orlando with no problem.. or drive it for five days without charging it at all. i wish it had a lease program thought that will be great. or if i put $25k down can i get the other $25k finaced??

  9. Bruno Suárez

    In relevance to this video and Elon Musk's confidence throughout the video while answering questions and just as it was mentioned in an article concerning Elon Musk and Tesla Motors published by Wired in September of 2010: "Elon has huge steel balls," his ex-wife notes on her blog. "He truly does."

    …. Like a Boss.

  10. Dan Frederiksen

    @murc111 that was indeed wishful thinking : )
    I'm not 'bashing' tesla motors. I'm just calling it like it is.
    as I said I'm a big EV proponent, Tesla is just missing a big opportunity in not going for efficient design and instead making conventionally heavy and wasteful cars. plus they apparently did rather poor cost management on the roadster project which means that despite a price tag of 110+k$ they still managed to lose 100k$ for each one sold.
    I keep it real.

  11. Derek Ash

    @DanFrederiksen – You really don't like Tesla for some reason, your bashing them on youtube as well…
    I thought you were confined to just autobloggreen……or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

  12. Dan Frederiksen

    @DarthNefatious ant wrong??
    I happen to have a pretty good graps of things EV. don't think I don't like EVs, I'm a huge EV proponent, I just don't believe Tesla will survive the direction they have chosen and I think I have good reason for that assessment. I hope I'm wrong but I rarely am.

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