Green Technology – World's first passenger drone unveiled at CES 2016

Green Technology – World’s first passenger drone unveiled at CES 2016

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Chinese company Ehang has unveiled the world’s first passenger drone at CES 2016. Yes you read that correctly – the age of the Jetsons has arrived with this 500lb electric single seat passenger drone.

The Ehang 184 is a giant but elegantly designed drone; according to the company, it can transport one person at approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour in around 23-minutes. It can also carry a payload (that’s the passenger and anything else they take with them) of about 100 kg (220 lbs).

You plan your trip via an app on your smart phone and the drone takes off and delivers you to your destination autonomously whilst you read the latest articles from or search online for the best life insurance deals you can find.

The makers claim that is has a fail safe mode so that anything goes wrong it goes into a hover or finds somewhere safe to land.
The design has built in redundancy with duplicate sensors, eight motors, eight propellors and sensors that prevent it taking off in a storm.

Whilst it is not legal in the US yet (or any other jurisdictions that we know of) it has completed over 100 test flights with an actually live person on board.

Reported to cost in the range of $200,000 to $300,000 its not a cheap way to avoid the traffic but it certainly is a mix between brilliant and crazy – some would even say a potential disruptor!

Are you ready to climb aboard and fly in this drone?


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25 Replies to “Green Technology – World's first passenger drone unveiled at CES 2016”

  1. Antonio kim

    I looking forward to make a heavy lifting drone which can only lift two people, but i have a problem with motors, I don't know which motor i can use which will definitely help my dream drone take off the ground. Am looking for help please anyone who can help me i will appreciate… Any way i am a Kenyan

  2. fluidling

    While you idiots criticise, China is buttfucking you and you don´t even notice. China will take over the autonomous vehicle market whether you like it or not. I am not Chinese: I am just smart.

  3. Gavin1130

    It's pretty cool, and to be honest it has some big obstacles to overcome before we'll see this replacing Uber, but its ppl like this who aren't just talking about doing something, they're actually doing it. Wish you guys the best of luck!!

  4. carl

    wow look at all the clever people knocking innovation we have propeller experts and battery experts etc who know how to type and look things up on wikipedia you guys are great ,with people like you we have would have never of made it to the moon or built aeroplanes etc Yes these would be dangerous yes it might struggle with the current batteries on the market at the minute, But could you build one ? No. At least these guys are trying to invent and make new things, Will they run into problems yes but that`s when you start to look for solutions and who knows maybe they might make better motors, batteries as a result of this, Problems allow us to look for solutions that`s how most inventions are created ,Its easy to just sit there and say it wont work but hats off to the people who try, these are the people who can change things or at least stand more of a chance than a smart a*se naysayer. Sometimes you need to fail and learn to succeed.

  5. mongango

    Flipan las baterias no dan para mas alla que un paseo…le afecta el viento…las averias …las aves…si roza la helice! Se cae. Quien quiere probar????

  6. Сергей Ряшкин

    ну а как говорят черти: "а у нас — Искандеры в криму и восточной пруссии, нахуйблять!" вот это — будущее, а не дроны! о как!

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