GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic REAL flight Camera Test – Side by Side

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The two newest drones to enter into the aerial flight game are the DJI Mavic: and the GoPro Karma. As soon as I heard these two drones announced, I knew I had to make a camera comparison to help people decide which drone is best.

Both of these cameras are set to 4K resolution, 30 frames per second, and each camera has the same bit-rate, interestingly enough. 60Mbs. The footage you see from the cameras is the EXACT same as it was filmed. It has not been edited, or downsized or stabilized. 4K is 4K, and that is how I will present the footage.

Let me know what you think! Which camera wins? Let me know in the comments!!! What is the best drone of 2016? What drone do you want for Christmas?

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32 Replies to “GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic REAL flight Camera Test – Side by Side”

  1. GunnyJeffers

    I have a new, 2018 KARMA, hopefully not subject to the recall. Your video was well produced and fair in the review. I thought the video was equal, as adjustments for lighting and color can easily be accomplished on any video editing software. I use Adobe Elements. I'm getting into Drones because I use to fly RC aircraft in the early to mid 90's, and RC aircraft can be quite expensive! GoPro KARMA gave me a quick way of getting back into the air! And lets face it, getting video from one of my RC A/C back then was a dream for most of us! I just posted a 6 minute video concerning a suspected "jamming" systems and a big time KARMA crash. Non-monetized YouTube page named Gunny Jeffers. If you experienced folks could view it and comment, provide thoughts on what happened, I'd appreciate it. Semper Fly! Gunny J. OUT!

  2. Timothy Bucky

    look at this. i just can not use the go pro for anything. impossible to imagine letting that image out with what i want to do. the new go pro smooths as well as a phone yet uses the same worthless camera product so that your work is like a toy instead of dji or a good phone. it is just so ugly. useless. no detail. when you see the new go pro video by itself you do not see how much better everything else looks like you do in a side by side. the new i phone costs 1200 dollars and the video is what you do want.

  3. Wangdiddy

    If gopro made another drone with all the bells and whistles and a 25 min plus battery life and a little smaller it would be better than any dji drone due to the fact you can swap out the camera with a new one every yr. the drone would never get outdated

  4. Hudson Smith

    So I am a professional drone photographer and I have had both of these drones so I can give you an unbiased opinion. So starting off if you are about features on the drone DJI Mavic is defiantly going to be the best option if you are all about features like following you and other cool technical features like that. But if you are about picture quality the karma is going to be the best. Overall I would recommend if you already have a gopro camera hero 4+ I would tell you to get the karma because of lower price as all you have to buy is the drone and not the camera. If you don't already have the camera I recommend the DJI just because of the better features and sensors. But if you just care about picture quality and not price get the karma or get an even more expensive drone. My first good drone that got me into drone photography was the karma and it is a great drone. Everytime I showed the people I took pictures and videos for there product they were amazed at the quality of it.

  5. Alvin

    I prefer the colour and stabilization on the karma. The turn was really smooth but the price is a bit to steep. Hope GoPro allows the customer opt the gimbal for a cheaper price.

  6. Jared Kelso

    The dji camera is better but the dji mavic casts more than the go pro karma. The dji mavic comes with drone, batterie and controller. The go pro karma comes with drone, controller( with integrated screen), removable go pro fir regulare use, extra props and even a hand held gimble stabilize for on ground filming. I'm all go pro here, much better for price.

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