GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro – Comparison & Review!

GoPro Karma (2017) vs DJI Mavic Pro – Full Comparison & Review! What’s the best drone? Mavic Pro vs Karma Comparison is here! Mavic vs Karma camera and video quality, watch the review or videos linked below. Free Audible book + 30-day Trial:

AMAZING Mavic Pro Footoage:


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DJI Mavic Pro –

GoPro Karma –

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28 Replies to “GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro – Comparison & Review!”

  1. Tem Detail

    Great review for me! I was realy DJI minded because of the quality. Olso i bought almost the DJI osmo mobile 2. Now i see this review and what the Gopro gives extra for hardware. This makes it realy difficault to choose.


    Today I got GoPro Karman. Was thinking what to buy Mavic or Karma . But after watching some videos and reviews. I chose Karma . Why? Backpack , drone , camera, gimble and controller with screen. Am not pro and etc. I just want to make some nice holiday videos and all that nothing fancy. At least that's my opinion.

  3. GunnyJeffers

    Seemed to be a fair comparison and review. Very well produced video. I bought my KARMA in Dec. 2018. EVERYTHING included for $699.00 before taxes at Best Buy. As far as weather, we've had a "dismal" January here in Georgia and I've only flown her about 7 times before MY major "Fail" on January 30th. The crash video is on my non-monetized YouTube channel named "Gunny Jeffers". I'm asking for you experienced Drone Pilots to provide your impressions, it may have been a "jamming" signal. I will "like" and subscribe to your channel. Semper Fly! Gunny J. OUT!

  4. Kellen Young

    Nice video, man. Thanks for the info. This might be a silly question, but is there a way to cut out the buzzing sound of the drone but still capture all other sound of what you're recording?

  5. Veeresh Kumar

    First of all great review and yes GoPro karma drone have alot advantages you shoot vlog with stick and you can mount cam on your helmet that's really amazing one machine but many uses of it😀😀😀 I'll will buy that drone 😀😄 GoPro Al the way 😍😍😍😘

  6. Ted Pollard

    The Mavic is the better drone but GoPro is the bang for your buck . Now the drone is only $599. I have a GoPro 7 and it makes my GoPro like a new drone with 60fps 4K 240 at 1080p smother and better I got the drone for camera and camera only I do need all the other feather just like I don’t need obstacle avoidance like a Tesla Ivan drive my car and my drone


    I'm thinking of picking up a Karma. DJI is crap. Horrible customer service. My Mavic has blurry spots on the camera sensor. And the app gets randomly obsoleted for certain iOS versions, feels like I'm always buying a new tablet to keep up.

  8. DepressedSydePhil

    There really is no comparison when you compare these drones. The Mavic is far superior in every way. The GoPro, as a drone, has about the same features as a toy like the Tello. Not a bad drone, but like I said, not on the level of even the Mavic air.

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