42 Replies to “Google Will Lose 800 Million Users Without Huawei”

  1. clement muhirwa

    I am an android app developer, Huawei will never make it without google, more apps are now attached to google services like firebase etc… Without them developing an app becomes real hard. Having a phone without apps is useless as a user I need a phone which has unlimited apps, hence huawei will die like Microsoft phones

  2. Gringo Sinting

    what Ren meant wasn't 800 million Huawei devices, he meant google will lose access to Chinese market, coz the Chinese government and people will back Huawei. Chinese government could easily ban google android OS from Chinese market, and make all phones use Chinese OS like Hongmeng.

  3. Marius

    I think there are 700 milion huawei phones. In college al my claasmates had an huawei and I am watching this video on a huawei. I am not a fan of the brand but at the time when i got the phone, it offered the best specs for the smallest price. So…

  4. Rtg Oxlv

    I use to have an iphone, i dumped and i purchased a Huawei, i am very happy with it, battery last a lot longer than iphone and photos are great, and for less than a half price !!!

  5. 赵晓明

    Huawei, along with other manufactories, submitted majority for android bugs to google, so google can fix them. so huawei leaving android platform probably be more google's lost in term of security updates.

  6. Graffiti kingdom

    This is all a result of Pure greed on Google's part, Any company that chooses to move away from google and do their own thing has my approval, competition brings more choice and this can be a great thing for us as consumers. Good luck to them.??????

  7. craszhtube69

    This is not over Huawei is not going to forget how U.S. treated them, they still going to work on their own OS in case Dump Trump scare tactic go in affect again when things don't go his way.

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