Google Home Routines & openHAB Scenes for home automation – 3 Methods

Google Home routines and openHAB scenes demo for voice control, lighting scene or heating control, based on Google Home/Google Assistant routines and openHAB rules. Showing 3 methods to use Google Home routines and openHAB2 rules to setup lighting scenes and home automation. The official Google Home and openhab2 integration action allows the use of Google Home routines to fire openHAB rules, which can control any lights, LED strips, heating and air conditioning, home audio, or other home automation system items. This openhab demo will also show the ability to configure and store dynamic scenes, allowing the user to configure specific settings for each light, color LED strip, color Phillips Hue lights, audio amp, etc, and have those settings automatically stored and used the next time the scene is enabled.

Associated openHAB forum post:

Quick links:
Method 1:
Method 2:
Method 3:

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  1. Travis Hooker

    Kind of dumb that it's an instructional video of somebody setting up the Google home and more than likely whoever is watching it will have one connected and he keeps saying the command word and making my Google go crazy didn't watch much of it because of that

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