Google Home & openHAB Integration – How To Connect

Quick video on how to connect your Google Home or Google Assistant to openHAB using the official integration, and how to expose the items for voice control (e.g. lights, dimmers, audio devices, etc…). Sample items are tagged in openHAB and connected using the Google Home / Google Assistant app and Google Home / Google Home Mini itself via voice command.

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8 Replies to “Google Home & openHAB Integration – How To Connect”

  1. Miika Anundi

    Hello! Ive got this system running and I control my lights with voice on daily basis. Problem is that the connection between Google home and openhab cloud keeps disappearing. Maybe its that the openhab cloud gets disconnected for a while and google home cant restablish connection. Its frustrating to reconnect openhab from home app because its is also very laggy, sometimes I have to do it 10 times before connection is successful.

  2. Oscar Garcia

    Thanks for the explanation

    but I have a problem when I add the word ["Switchable"] to the .item file, the open hab no longer allows me to access the item from my cell phone or any other platform

    my .item file is as shown below

    Group PA

    Group COscar "Cuarto Oscar" <bedroom> (PA)

    Switch ESP2 "Luz Oscar" (COscar) [ “Switchable” ] {mqtt=">[mosquitto:Prueba/ESP2/GPIO_1:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:Prueba/ESP2/GPIO_1:command:OFF:0],<[mosquitto:Prueba/ESP2/GPIO_1_1:state:default]"}

    but I have a problem when I add the word ["Switchable"] to the .item file, the open hab no longer allows me to access the item from my cell phone or any other platform

    my .item file is as shown below

  3. AlexANDER Butler

    Hi I am a Newbie
    //Light switches
    Switch Switch1 <light> ["Switchable"] { mqtt=">[mosquitto:/house/switch1/:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:/house/switch1/:command:OFF:0],<[mosquitto:/house/switch1/lightState/Switch:state:MAP($

    Switch Switch2 <light> ["Switchable"] { mqtt=">[mosquitto:/house/switch2/:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:/house/switch2/:command:OFF:0],<[mosquitto:/house/switch2/lightState/Switch:state:MAP($

    OAuth2 sign-in failure in the OpenHab App in Google Home
    Do I need to set up Google actions and or Google Cloud Platform Services.

  4. Morten Strunge Meyer

    Thank you so much for making and sharing this. It looks almost too easy. I have a set up where I use MQTT and Node-Red on a local Raspberry PI server. I was wondering where your openhab installation recides? If on a local server behind our router/firewall. How to you allow google to access your openhab server without compromising security in your router? Normally I would never want anyone from outside my router to mess with my lights etc. Cheers and thanks again.

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