Google Home New Updates and New Features for Nov 4, 2018

Google Home New Updates and New Features for Nov 4, 2018

The latest Google Home new features video is all about preparing for the Christmas season. The new #updates for Google Home and Google Assistant are really all there to finish off the promised features and updates that Google has had over the year.

Google Assistant begins rolling out lists & notes integration, includes built-in provider

Google Home will now have a much better and more robust list and notes feature. If you don’t already have this new Assistant method of control, you soon will. Google Keep is also coming back!

Spotify is giving family account owners a free Google Home Mini

In case you didn’t already know about this…Spotify has a new deal out there!

Sonos delays Google Assistant voice features until 2019

In case you still care. I’m struggling with caring about this anymore. There is a closed beta coming soon though.

Apple Siri Continues to Lead in Voice Assistant Usage on Smartphones

Although Siri continues to lead on smartphones, Google Assistant is catching up quickly. It’s now 44% to 30% (Alexa is at 17%)

August can now unlock your door and announce visitors with Google Assistant

Now this requires an additional bit of effort when you go to unlock the door, but it is now possible. You’ll need a security code to unlock it. On top of that, the doorbell cam pro is able to announce who’s at your door through your #GoogleHome or #GoogleAssistant enabled device.

Google My Business Adds Setting For Google Assistant Calls Over Duplex

Small business, beware! Don’t miss out on this one. You’ll need to make sure that you allow Google Assistant calls. Another thing is that you’re likely to get an option in the future to connect to a Google Assistant service to answer those calls. Machines talking to machines, baby.

New Chrome OS flag will enable Google Assistant on all Chromebooks

All Chromebooks should have an experimental mode for Google Assistant.

Google may bring multi-room audio support to older Chromecasts

Your older Chromecasts may get access to multi-room audio support, but it hasn’t quite been verified by Google just yet.

Chromecast and Smart Displays start showing portrait photos side-by-side

You have to love this, as Google is now analyzing your photos and displaying ones that were taken at the same time and/or place side by side when you have more than one Chromecast or Smart Display with Ambient Mode enabled.

Insignia’s cheap Assistant smart speakers can now be paired in stereo (like the Home Max) and place voice calls

Not only can they make calls, but they’re around $50 USD and can now be used as a left and right setup.

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35 Replies to “Google Home New Updates and New Features for Nov 4, 2018”

  1. Dave Schmarder

    Those Insignia speakers are pretty decent. They have nearly everything the GH has. Just a couple very minor things are missing. The prices for them are all over the place. The best prices have been $25 US for the portable one, and $20 for the smaller one. They are sometimes available on sale in the store, but quite often on eBay. I've bought a lot of them. I use some and some are gifts.

  2. CountryComesToTown

    There is now a Siri Shortcut to Google Assistant. Once it's set up, you just say Hey Siri, OK Google. Works great and solves a huge problem for us iOS users that would prefer to use Google Assistant rather than Siri.

  3. Pablo Cruz

    Hi, I hope you can help me, I have Google home mini and I have 2 plugs to control lights but the thing here is that Google assistant only works with me to control lights, I can make it turn them on and off but if my wife ask it to do it it says that she should go to home control and add it even though I add her as home administrator and everything appears in the app too

  4. Dougald Hendrick

    For a company that insists that A: you cant turn off your camera, and B: they reserve the right to use it themselves as they see fit, I vote C: a piece of tape over said camera, and a big fat finger to the arses who think this is a good thing. Talking to a machine as if it were real, no thanks!

  5. Walter Gomez

    I have 2 insignias. They sound good we'll as the Google home or maybe a bit better but they are hard to reconnect into the network, always have to turn off. I know WiFi doesn't change often but can be a bit of a nuisance . Still cool

  6. John Michael

    Is Google ever going to update their system to make conversation with Google as smooth as it is with Alexas? You can get more information from Google, but you have to know exactly how to ask the question. This may not be a big deal to you younger types, but for us older people, it is very frustrating. Also are we ever going to be able to rename the device, I am soooo sick of “Hey Google”!

  7. Lionskilz

    I like the videos. Might want to index your videos. Some things you talk about I don't care about and I want to skip but I don't know how far so I end up missing too much or just leaving the video entirely.

  8. Tony Principe

    Enjoy your videos….i have a question regarding Google displays…. With Google using a different operating system from the Lenovo and jbl units… When will Lenovo put out a new update if at all?

  9. Alex

    Best buy doesn't allow shipment to freight forwarders. I'm very upset, about it. I would really love to get an insignia speaker in India. If they shipped it to. Do you know any 3rd part website that sells the same insignia speaker? Help will be appreciated.

  10. Captinprivate

    ​ I have the battery version and the regular of the Insignia speakers .. I got the regular for 25 and the battery for 35… The battery one has better sound but the regular has better sound than the G mini… The only 2 things they seem to not do right now is make calls and continued conversation… I bought 3 of the regulars for Xmas present @ 20 last week and the batt versions was 25.. So if you want one. buy the regular in the range of 20-25 and the Batt version n the range of 25 – 35.. They both go wayy higher than this range so just be a little patient if you want to save $

  11. Clifford Ruhlman

    Thanks for the info! I understand your problems with finding any care, me too! I keep thinking about the Insignia speakers you talked about, but wasn't sure how good they are. Thanks for the stereo pairing info!

  12. Joseph Sorensen

    I am so thankful for your channel, because I am able to get all the important news in an very streamline and easy to follow medium without spending hours trying to shift through the bs. Keep the videos coming.

  13. Dene. F.

    Fan Q Yoof. Great video. I miss my ability to say to my Bluetooth earphones to open the podcast app Pocket Cast and play. I can't do it any more because the Google home takes president and says it's not able to do that yet, which of course is a step back in my eyes. I could do it with my watch but I don't wear my watch indoors, for some reason it bugs my when I am in doors and I always take it off. Any ideas? Thanks Yoof! B-)

  14. Tom M

    Very nice, I have waiting for duplex. I like the idea that my phone calls can answered., or screen calls. That sound great for me. Another fine cast and so much google is coming out right now. I love it. Have a great. see ya next time.

  15. Christopher Lewis

    Good info as always. I have a question about continued conversation. My Google Home Mini has stopped listening after a question but my two Google Homes still work fine. I can't find a setting for the Google Home Mini but it's listed in the Google Assistant settings as a device which supports the continued conversation as it should because it used to work. I don't know where to check for the device itself to see if something was reset.

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