Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot: Which One To Buy?

The Google Home and Google Home Mini recently arrived in India, so we pit the Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot and compare their designs, audio quality, microphones and put Alexa vs Google Assistant to find out the best budget smart speaker to buy. We also compare Google Home vs Amazon Echo.

Buy Google Home Mini from Flipkart (Rs 4,499):
Buy Google Home from Flipkart (Rs 9,999):
Buy Amazon Echo Dot from Amazon:
Buy Amazon Echo from Amazon:

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36 Replies to “Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot: Which One To Buy?”

  1. Maxaaa 587

    You suck, Techwiser is way better.. Amazon echo dot is way better watch Techwiser’s comparison between Google home mini and Amazon echo dot, you’ll get to know which one is better

  2. Ajynkya

    You seem already much biased with google mini….. haven't check for the audio mic check from far distance….the pronunciation makes echo dot much more clearer to small children also.
    Shopping benefit, audio output

    These and many more checks which makes echo dot much far ahead of google mini….

    And about sound test, while playing music you have to talk loudly in order to gove command to google home mini

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