Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3 – Who Wins now?

Amazon recently released the 3rd generation echo dot in India, and I was excited to try it out.

So, the question has to ask, which one is better? Google Home Mini or the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen? Well, let’s find out.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen –

Google Home Mini –

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What camera do I use?
Canon 70D

What mic do I use?
Blue Yeti and Video Mic pro (depends on requirement)

What tripod do I use?
Manfrotto MVKBFR

What video editor do I use?
Final Cut Pro

What computer do I use?
iMac 2015 for editing and a ThinkPad for casual work

27 Replies to “Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 3 – Who Wins now?”

  1. surya prakash

    alexa can configure more smart device like brodcom brodlink sonoff wifi switch google have less configuration of smart switch but google have good for local search alexa can not search local thing . I have alexa and smart home system light fan ac tv drip irrigation system all control by alexa

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