Google Home Mini How to Add a Device and Setup Wemo Smart Plug

Home Mini unbox & Step by Step Setup for How to add a device, the Wemo WiFi Smart plug. Anyone can make a Smart Home with this easy to follow step by step guide.

16 Replies to “Google Home Mini How to Add a Device and Setup Wemo Smart Plug”

  1. Dennis Kelleher

    Great Instructional Video! Very Helpful. Easy to Follow. Connected my Google Home Mini to my Wemo smart plug in minutes. It saved me lots of time trying to figure it out myself. Thank you! I subscribed and hope to see more videos like this from you.

  2. ugly kath math.

    I’m stuck at the “Looking for devices..” part. My device is beside it and it’s plugged it well. It keeps saying “No device found.” I’m not sure what’s wrong, if you do, please tell me.

    Edit: I’m on an iPad.

  3. Mike Garcia

    Hi Great video! I do have an issue, it seems the google assistant on my phone responds perfectly to my command for the wemo switch, upon giving the same command to my google home mini, she says she cannot do that command, but she is learning new things all the time? so why is this happening. I followed your steps, and it does work!


    Hi im having an issue during the setup of my wemo plug. While connecting, it says "connecting to wifi. Discovering your wemo devices" and as this happens, the light on the plug turns from white to off. Then, i get an error on the app saying my device is no longer connected. Any help?

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