Google Home Mini – Hands On Review

Google Home now has a smaller version. Google Home Mini places the Google Assistant into a smaller speaker that will only cost $50. It’s a great way to be able to control all your smart devices, and with such a low price you can buy one for each room in the house.

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40 Replies to “Google Home Mini – Hands On Review”

  1. Bonnie Trigg

    I set mine up six months ago. It has been fine until recently it will not turn off when I say, "hey google off" replies "Sorry power controls not yet supported". What is going on? Where does a senior get HELP for this device!!!????

  2. Jason Plant

    Google home mini simply sucks that it will never ever ever work.!!!!
    Keeps telling me to down down load the app.
    just keeps telling me to download the app that is already down loaded.

  3. Spiral Feather

    I've posted comments on every smart speaker review I've seen on YouTube because by the fact that smart speakers are so popular, they clearly have SOME use. But for the life of me I can't figure out what they can do that the smart phones we all carry in our pockets can't. Seriously, every review and no-one ever responds. WHAT DO THEY DO?! WHO ARE THEY FOR?! Are they for people who can't figure out the hands free options on their phone? Do they have some functionality that I'm unaware of that can't be replicated on a smartphone? Do cheap phones suck at voice recognition? I NEED TO KNOW! I'm converting my home into a smart home and I feel like I must be stupid or missing something.

  4. Chandra Marshall

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