Google Home Integration & Command List for Harmony Hub

This video will show you how to control your full entertainment center with the Harmony Hub and a Google Home. I also show the unique features that come with using the Google Home Hub or other smart displays.

Harmony Hub setup tutorial:

Harmony Hub Command List:

Turn on (activity name)
Switch to TV
Mute the (activity name)
Turn up Android TV volume
Increase volume on the TV
Increase volume by 15 on the TV
Turn up TV volume by (1-20)
Turn off the TV
Turn up the volume
Go to Disney Channel
Go to channel 13
Channel up on my TV
Pause the TV
Fast forward the TV

Full integration details:

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26 Replies to “Google Home Integration & Command List for Harmony Hub”

  1. Mayank Bhatnagar

    How do you turn off everything using assistant ? I have the same Logitech setup but when I say turn off the TV – it only turns off the TV activity and leave the other devices ON. 🙁

  2. Shawn Medeiros

    Is there away that Harmony can talk to the Google assistant and do the smart lights? I have a Harmony remote but it seems Google can only do Harmony commands. I would love to hit a button on the Harmony remote to dim light instead of shouting "hey google" every time.
    It's like the communication is one way. Google Assistant to Harmony remote. It would be nice if it go the other way. Harmony remote button to Google Assistant command. So hitting one of the programmable buttons would send a Google assistant command to "dim living room lights to 30%"

  3. Nelson

    I linked logitech homarny hub to my google mini, it does show correct, but it's not function on voice at all, but my amazon each work perfectly, i try reset the mini, and reset the homarny hub, still the same

  4. Q

    Worked perfectly the first few days, now google recognizes the commands but when it goes to execute them nothing happens , it no longer turns on/off any device thats paired

  5. Hummingbird Spirit

    The Google Home Hub is a complete POS device! Don't waste your money! You cannot replace your bedside clock with this POS device because some dumbass Google engineer designed the device to dim in the dark…at night you cannot see the clock…cannot replace your bedside clock with this POS…who is responsible for this failure??????

  6. Mizael Saltar

    I added my Air Conditioner to the hub, but I can not find a way to make it not turn off when I switch activities with voice or on the app. it has worked well but I hope they implement an option that works to keep activities running separate.

  7. Gary E. Smith

    Can you show how to setup multiple Home Harmony Hubs and associated remotes? I have 3 hubs with TV and associated entertainment devices. Harmony app within Google only allows me to link one hub and can add the other 2 hubs.

  8. Edooh

    Can I use voice commands to have the Harmony start my native smart tv Netflix/Youtube apps? Also with a chromecast hooked up to a tv you can use Home voice commands to start specific netflix/youtube videos, is this also possible with the harmony hub?

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