Google Home Hub vs. Google Home

Should you get a Google Home Hub or a Google Home speaker? We look at the areas where the Google Home Hub enhances the experience of the Google Home speakers and why you might pick one over the other.

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  1. Stephen Butler

    We have 6 minis, and got a hub last week. My wife wants the hubs round the house now. I like it too.

    We have a good BT speaker paired to a mini to make the better bt speaker a 'home' speaker/budget max.

    On the whole the minis are great. But the hb just look brilliant. I'm amazed how much extra the screen give you. Also as I've got over 10 years of Google photos, it makes good use of them.

  2. Kiko S

    Started with a Google Home and then got the lenovo smart display instead of the Google Home Hub because I wanted better speakers and a camera! No regrets! The lenovo is awesome to have in the home.

  3. vacationboyvideos

    The hub does not sound that great I don't thank! The max u recommend? It's not much qauility! Loud is not always best…it's to bassy! The hub sucks so does the mini on sound! The max is just to much bass! And mids are horrible as well…for sound the Google home (not mini) is the best.

  4. Dene. F.

    $ 50 is a lot of money for many people. So, to say it's only $50 dollars more is might be missing a point for many. That could be the deal decider full stop. Thanks for the video.

  5. judith van krevelen

    Thanks just Came home after 5 weeks and saw your updates:) and i brought a Google hub with me from out the USA. sadly I can not get keep the conversation on .. frustrated:( do you also have it? I still need to re active for all. That's a bumper

  6. tricia t

    Got my google home and lenovo smart display going in my home setup. Tried the google home hub but didn't like it enough to keep it. The audio just doesn't cut it for me!

  7. Touran Touring

    Ok so like you I have multiple Google home devices, but the one problem I have is if I am listening to music and my son asks google to play music in his room once my song has finished it won't continue to play anymore as its playing on my sons speaker, I use Google music and not Spotify, so my question is if I upgraded to the plan to have more than 1 account will this still happen?

  8. Tom M

    I can tell you don't like the google home hub, Laughing. I think that santa might have a hand with the google home hub in my feature. (yay) but I currently do have both the full size and the mini google home products. I love them both. I am sending this video to my wife and kids just in case. Great comparison video, thanks. I always look forward to your videos that are in my interest. until next time.

  9. Brad Tomlinson

    The only thing the Google Home does better than the Google Home Hub is the audio. Otherwise, what you said about the things the Google Home Hub does better is true.

    I spend a lot of time in my recliner in my apartment, so I decided that the best place for my new Google Home Hub is on the table next to my recliner. My moved my Google Home to another room as a consequence. I am enjoying learning about and using my Google Home Hub a lot.

    Thanks for your video.

  10. Alex Lopez

    I will get the home hub over lenovo and the jbl link view.
    1. The google home hub has Bluetooth so you can connect it to your speaker without a chrome cast audio.
    2. I dont mind having a camera bc most ppl i know dont use google duo so pointless for me and pretty sure when google duo gets popular with my friends in the future, there will already be home hub 2.0 with camera.

    Most ppl already have Bluetooth speaker so no reason to not by the home hub for the speaker, using this for my office desk so the size is ideal

  11. Bj Richard

    Searched a comparison video and this came up and answered every question I had. My Google home is truthfuly a dedicated light controlling, music playing, weather telling, alarm clock ? I think I'll pass on the hub.

  12. Yas

    Do you have any privacy concerns with the google home? I think it really sucks that google forces you to turn on Web and App Activity in order to use it. Which means google is tracking everything you do wherever you are logged in with your google account.

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