Google Home Hub REVIEW – The BEST Smart Home Assistant?

Google Home Hub – My Initial Review after 72 hours!
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21 Replies to “Google Home Hub REVIEW – The BEST Smart Home Assistant?”

  1. Digital Bullet

    Wow this video was 10 minutes long and I learned absolutely nothing about this product – What a shitty review – Maybe you should focus more on reviewing the actual device and not reviewing yourself in the camera – What a clown – HAVE A GOOD DAY CHEERS !!!

  2. Andy Billingham

    Just got myself a Google home hub in charcoal colour today from an Argos shop, also have a Google Chromecast 2nd Gen plugged into my smart tv, just wondering what the hub can do with the chromecast and how it works?

  3. R MCK

    Do you have to programme Google Hub as I have an Amazon Echo that I only use as an alarm clock because of having to programme it? I want it to work out of the box. Does it show video and live tv etc.? please show set up and it working.

  4. Hummingbird Spirit

    Don't waste your money on this total POS device! Clock dims so much at night that you cannot replace your bedside clock…what stupid engineer at google designed this POS device…would love to meet the dumbass that designed this total waste of money!

  5. kolop1

    I have it and it's very limited. No Netflix or Hulu. It's does not do anything the home mini can't and it's $100 more. I don't need to see that I am playing Spotify on the screen. Also, YouTube is very limited. This devices is too limited for me and I am taking it back.

  6. Christopher Smith

    The brutal truth unfortunately for me, not to be a total jerk…honestly, this is a true comment and I'm not trying to knock you – but the truth is I don't know if I can trust your videos anymore. You used to be an Apple lover and praised Apple excessively. After the whole copyright strike thing, now you destroy Apple ANY way you can…complaining about the most trivial of things like Apple sticker colors…I mean come on man, how ridiculous is that? So Google is a direct competitor to Apple. Since I can't trust your Apple content anymore, how am I supposed to know that you're not trying to hype up Google products? It's a problem for me as a viewer. And that is my very honest assessment. — Edit: Okay now that I watched more of the video, you proved my exact point. Your statement, "Even when it comes to the sound quality, the [Google] Home Hub is not that far away from the [Apple] Home Pod." That is the most ridiculous statement I've heard in a tech review video. And it demonstrates my point exactly.

  7. Scott Sophia

    I liked your review until you said that the sound quality was comparable to the HomePod. Do you have ears? Saying things like this makes me question your credibility and objectivity.

  8. Marc Arndt

    I asked this elsewhere, but the answer confused me. If I have a Home Hub in my living room, but I'm in my room with my phone, and I ask Assistant (via voice command), for example, to turn on a light somewhere, will Assistant communicate, through my phone, to Home Hub and turn on the light?

  9. Shaba Laba Ding Dong

    I like that it’s small, it’s not meant to be anymore than a visual version of their google speakers. It’s not meant to be treated as a tablet but as a simple home assistant. And I also like that they didn’t add a camera, I do not trust devices like this with a camera.

  10. Steve Bondi

    Love your in-depth review as always :). In my case, I bought it, tried to replace one of my Google Home’s, and ended up giving it to my nephew, because the microphones are way less sensitive than the normal Google Home (and thus far less effective with far field voice recognition – especially from behind it) and the dinky speaker sounds like “tinny” and unpleasing for its voice responses 🙁

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