Google Home Hub Review – Honestly Underrated

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35 Replies to “Google Home Hub Review – Honestly Underrated”

  1. Dennis Rogers

    That's crap what Google said why they did not want the camera. It's just an excuse to cut costs and could have easily did what Lenovo did with a physical camera cover.

    The hub was only really designed as a smart bedroom clock and think it has more in common with the echo spot.

  2. Bryan Miller

    Very little point in this device for anyone who already owns a smartphone, especially an iPhone cuz iPhones have the beat built in HomeKit functionality and Siri seems to be the only assistant smart enough to understand properly when you tell her to turn on or off everything, amazon and google need you to create actual rooms named everything for that to work

  3. Jesse Stevenson

    Target had an insane deal on this device last week. They were selling it for $100 (discounted from $150), and threw in TWO free Google Home Minis. Crazy deal. I bought two of them and sold the 4 free Google Home Minis for a total of $100. So, I purchased 2 Google Home Hub's for $200, got $100 back from selling the 4 Home Minis, which means that I got 2 Google Home Hubs for a grand total of $100 (a total savings of $200.) Thanks Target!

  4. CB Mateas

    Would be great if it would hear you better, and maybe play some different kind of music when you tell it to “play something else” not the Spotify playlist called “something else”.
    I find myself always arguing with the home hub.

  5. Ruben Philipse

    You are right, it is the best digital photo frame out there..! Especially because it automatically shuffles beautiful recent photos from Google Photos, and it always knows which photos contain your kids and other loved ones

  6. happy2be

    I don't think it's underrated I think it's not really got a marketplace. If you have a smart phone this is sort of useless. If it was a 10" display it would be brilliant for watching videos etc but then there are tablets that do the same job. It's shame, its a really nice looking thing and I'm sure it works perfect but I just can't see much point to it.

  7. Dymone

    I bought a Home Hub for my wife's home office desk. It's perfect for her to cast music, videos, check weather before having the kids get dressed for school, as well as control other smart home devices in the house. I chose it for her because it had no camera and she preferred not having to wonder if someone could hack into it and watch her while she's working. I bought the Lenovo Smart Display for myself, to place in the kitchen. It does all the things that the Home Hub does but has a bigger screen and is perfect for looking at recipes while i'm cooking. I would have rather not had a camera as well, but Lenovo was smart enough to put a physical camera "shut off" switch on the unit that slides a block in front of the lens, so you know it cannot possibly see anything. While the Hub takes up less space, the Lenovo is ideal for the kitchen. I also like the fact you can turn the Lenovo on it's side, though it does not always rotate what your looking at, such as a recipe, to make it easier to view. Perhaps they will fix this in the future. Thank you for your Review.

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