Google Home Hub Review: Designed to fit every room

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Google debuted its take on the smart display earlier this year with a slew of Echo Show rivals. This is, after all, the Google way. As it did with Android, Google created the ecosystem and then partnered with third-party companies like Lenovo and JBL to make the actual products. However, as with the Pixel and the first run of Google Home products, Google likes to dabble in hardware, too.

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27 Replies to “Google Home Hub Review: Designed to fit every room”

  1. Christian Aranda

    If anybody is wondering, the picture of the home hub in the thumbnail is to a song. Car Park by Fenne Lily. If you haven't heard it, search it next. Beautiful song. If you're in your feels, you may cry. Thank me later

  2. OhWhat World

    This technology just isn't there for me yet. Look at how long it takes the AI to execute a command. So laggy and sluggish.
    AI in general is pretty gimmicky for the most part in its current state. I just don't find it very useful. it is in its infancy at the moment so it is understandable. When I think of true AI I think of it being able to do this: A few weeks ago I wanted to install Windows 10 via Bootcamp in my Mac. I would say "Siri, install Windows 10 on this MacBook". Siri would then automatically search the internet for the latest version of windows 10 and ask me any relevant questions so I get the right one downloaded and installed. Any weird bugs that happened or installation issues would be resolved by the AI doing all of the troubleshooting autonomously, searching forums or official online documentation for a fix. It would be seamless and I wouldn't have to do anything. There would be no weird pauses in my conversation with the AI as it processes a reply, it would be like talking to a real person. The AI today is just laughably bad. We are probably a good 10 years off before it will actually make our lives noticeably easier.

  3. PhillyDjHook

    No camera, way too small. No thanks. I'll use my Galaxy S7 with the stand from the case. And my Google Home's that I already have. Google you dropped the ball. You can't fix a larger size or a no camera issue with an update. I'll pass. I bet you this will flop. What good is the display if you can't see it? Google Home Hub, designed for every room in a very small house. TRASH

  4. NatureTunes

    Google Spy Hub review. Never ever buy such a devices, if you care about your privacy. All Google workers can Spy on you. Like also the developers, can turn on the mic on it and cam without your knowledge. Same goes to Google Pixel phones.

  5. TTP LLC

    Hahaha, they say not having the camera for privacy is a big silly talk, they could easily installed camera shutter/cover to solve this issue.
    It's just another marketing strategy. People like me that love google home devices, will buy it anyway. Then, google will lunch another version of the Google Hub 2, with camera with a privacy shutter and different sizes. Guess what? We will buy the new model! Sorry google but not me, I will wait for the next improved model.
    Welcome to the consumer era, no wonder houses are being built bigger and with more storage within the past decades, so we can store our pile of obsolete devices.

  6. G. Meza

    it looks like a tablet with a stand, they should follow that "normal house kind of retro design" like the regular google home that goes unnoticed among your furniture, where it does not look "techish", at least get rid off the white frame and put some texture with a different color or even wood texture, NOT A WHITE FRAME that looks like an iPAD!!

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