Google Home Hub first look

Watch videos, listen to music, search the web and control your smart home from a single screen with the Google Home Hub.

Read the CNET review here: Google Home Hub wants to finish the job started by the Amazon Echo –

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25 Replies to “Google Home Hub first look”

  1. Hummingbird Spirit

    This device is a total POS! I'd love to meet the Google Engineer team that designed this total loser product! The most basic feature….a bedside clock, doesn't work because the brilliant Google Engineers designed this POS to Dim in the dark…leaving the screen non-readable at night…basically you cannot replace you're bedside clock with this POS device…a total waste of money!

  2. Alexander Rikmanis

    Thanks for the review – one more useless device. Google introduced VOICE assistant first, emphasizing how cool and convenient it is just to talk to a device and then they add a screen to their "voice" assistant 🙂 which is, apparently, nothing more but a tablet.

  3. maxtheknife

    I already have home max, lenevo display and jbl display. I dont have the space for another smart assistant, especially one this under-whelming. I still cant get over the fact google thinks a 7" screen is a sufficient display size.

  4. akupehsluarketatAR

    if i have to walk up to it to turn off the lights and whatnot, i'm better off walking up to the light switch then its a no thank you, i'll just control my smart home with my mobile phone. Plus it goes where i go.

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