Google Home Hub and Nest Cameras Integrated and Working – Chromecast and Smart Displays Too!

Google Home Hub and Nest Cameras Integrated and Working – Chromecast and Smart Displays Too!

If you have a Nest Camera in your home, then you want to get it connected with the Google Home Hub, the Lenovo Smart Display, your Google Chromecast, or really any Smart Display with Google Assistant on board.

This video shows a Nest Cam IQ Indoor being used, but the process and method for all of this are exactly the same for any of the Nest Cameras. In fact, for most smart home cameras, this is exactly the same process and procedure.

Nest with Google Home Hub is especially powerful, especially when you consider the Google Home application and its capability of showing your #Nest camera feed on it. There is also the ability to jump between the two applications very quickly and easily.

You can control your Nest cameras through the Google Home Hub or Smart Display with #GoogleAssistant on board. That means you can show your different cameras, show cameras by room, push feeds of cameras across to other devices (like the Google Chromecast), and even listen in to what’s happening near your camera. Obviously, you could control all of this with a Google Home or Google Mini as well.

My favorite thing in this whole setup is just how good the Nest cameras look on the #GoogleHomeHub.

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27 Replies to “Google Home Hub and Nest Cameras Integrated and Working – Chromecast and Smart Displays Too!”

  1. Julie Jessney

    Hi please could you help me? I have two issues:
    1) I have a 4 camera Swann cctv connected to my google hub and only 3 of the 4 cameras will show on my hub display by voice command or selecting on the hub manually. I have tried u linking the Swann system and linking it again to my google hub, to no avail? How can I rectify this so I can view all 4 cameras at individual times? Each camera has been assigned a different name.

    2) I can view my cctv system on my tv via the connected hdmi cable/channel but would like to be able to view my cctv on my TVs chrome-cast by audio instruction to my hub? My tv does not have chrome-cast built in but I have a portable one plugged in to a separate HDMI slot. Is this set up correctly or is there a way to rectify this problem too?

    Many thanks would appreciate your help as I’ve been struggling with these issues for over a week.


  2. Julian Igel

    Could you think of a way to automatically stream the camera to a Chromecast (or other display) when an iPhone notification is received from the camera app? My camera (Nooie) is not listed in IFTTT nor are iPhone notifications.

  3. Overhead Door Company of Atlanta

    My newly installed Nest Hello icon shows up in my Google Home but when I ask it to show the Camera on the TV Google Assistance says "that device is not set up, you can do that in Google Home" I've signed into my Nest account with the same credentials as Google Home. It will show the camera on the phone when I ask but not cast to the Chromecast on the TV.

  4. Andy Chapman

    Hi, Thanks for posting this extremely useful information. Quick question if I may: If I have understood correctly; is it correct that I would be able to access Nest Cam from a different property using a Nest Hub? Many thanks.

  5. Nick Edens

    Will the Google home update if u add a nest device to your account cause I have a doorbell I use that's setup and I was about to setup a regular nest camera so I didn't know if it would update itself once I added the new camera to the nest app or if I would haft to relink my nest account

  6. Faceless Fan

    My camera stops streaming to my Chromecast after about 5 mins and I have to tell it to stream again. I never had this issue when it was just Nest. Since Google took over I have had an issue. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  7. Jenni Dillon

    Hey I have a question, the nest app did not have me create a nest account, it just signed me in with google, and now when i go to link nest to my assistant like you did here my google credentials will not work for the nest log in, any way to fix this? Please and Thank you, love your videos

  8. David McDowell

    Thanks for the video. I can't seem to get it to cast to Chromecast or anything for that matter? It's the simple indoor Nest camera. Also the camera seemed to automatically appear in my Google Home once I set it up in the Nest app. Any ideas? Be greatly appreciated!

  9. Joel Soh

    Thank you for your video, they are very thorough. I have a question, just for clarification, when you said 'different homes', you do mean different homes as in house in different locations with different wifi/network right? I'm thinking of buying a bunch of nest cameras and setting them up in my office and then linking it to my google nest hub display in my home office- is this possible? My home office and actual office are in different locations.

  10. Gurbaksh Singh

    I have a nest hub max and a nest hub smart display. I can't seem to access the camera on my nest hub . The nest hub Max ( with camera) is located in a seperate room. Can you please advise .

  11. Julie Jessney

    Hi thanks for the info. please could you post a link for the best camera to pair with my google home hub?and could you tell me if i would be able to record and playback footage? Is there a four camera kit i could buy? thanks in advance

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