Google Home Features Update 6: October 2018

A Google Home features update video going over all of the main features Google has released over the past 2 months including scheduled routines, bilingual assistant. We also take a look at the rumored Google Home Hub, expected to be announced at Google’s October 9th, 2018 event.

Google Home Features Update 5:

Features covered in this video:

Scheduled Routines:

Home Control:

Bilingual Assistant:

Detailed News Reports:

Tell Me Something Good:

Rumored Google Home Hub:

27 Replies to “Google Home Features Update 6: October 2018”

  1. John Fox

    Thanks for all of the updates. As usual, most of the updates are eye candy and not very useful (routines are neat). But then, the same is true of Alexa. I guess I've never understood why people want devices to read to them, it's just too slow for my ADHD personality.

    I don't understand the need for a smart display, I already have a phone and a tablet that have Google assistant on them. And they are portable. I don't mind the mini, it's cheap enough I can put a few in the house. But I'm not putting a Google display in every room.

    Now, if they put Google Display on Samsung Smart TV, I'd probably buy that the next time I buy a new TV. But since my TV is about 10 years old, probably not anytime soon. Unless it mysteriously breaks one day when my wife isn't looking…

  2. Dean Oliver

    What I want to see from user created routines is the ability to set a morning routine (play song at 6 a.m. M-F, tell the weather, highlight headlines, commute to work) without first having to say something first. I want Home to wake me up every day to a set of tasks without my prompting it first. Maybe I'm missing something obvious here.

  3. Michael Peers

    Anyone can enlighten me on why (detailed reason) updates aren't just rolled out to everyone in the world at the same time. I work in the IT industry, so just don't get it. Surely it's easy to do this. I get the music licensing issues, so no need to explain that one. Thanks all !

  4. Eggs

    I have a Google Home Mini and I would like it if we could enable coloured lights like Google Home. Currently the lights are always on white, unless you are turning it back on after fully powering it off.

  5. Fabian

    The scheduled routines are out in Germany since some weeks I think. Yay 😀

    Edit: the "turn the lights off in only my room" too. Just assigned one Light to a test room and it didn't turn off when saying "turn the lights off" in German

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