Google Home Features Update 5: July 2018

A Google Home features update video going over all of the main features Google announced for the Google Assistant/Home at their I/O developers conference in May and more.

Link to Google Home Mini Review:

Google Home/Assistant features in this video:

Continued Conversations:

Multiple Actions:

New Assistant Voices:

Custom Routines:

Phillips Hue Scene support:

New languages supported:

46 Replies to “Google Home Features Update 5: July 2018”

  1. OffRoad

    I use Google Home to start my car on cold days. You do have to have the remote start feature on your vehicle. It's much easier then digging for the fob.

  2. Whatatay T

    Voice assistants have been out for over 400 years and although they will allow you to fly to the edge of the solar system and back, none of the developers has been able to figure out how to let you change the trigger phrase to a custom one. I want to be able to say "Tiger" or "Hey Joe" for example Instead of "Hey Google".

  3. Theis Passer

    Great product if you want Google to listen in on all what is happening in your home. We have to put an end to this madness. Google does not have a bussiness model on home automation. Google want all your data. Data from phone and computer is not enough. In few years Google and similar companies will know all about your buying behaviour, and are going to make a lot of money. You are handing data to Google for free.

  4. i Margo

    Thank you – I just got a 3 pack from Costco for $79 today and set it up this afternoon – it was easy! So I was looking at YouTube for more info and came across your video! Nice clearly explained info and I so appreciate the new tips!

  5. Alexia L

    Love using the routines function on my Lenovo Smart Display! I've just been trying out various combinations because it's so useful to reduce several actions into just 1 voice command.

  6. anil kumar sharma

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  7. anil kumar sharma

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  8. anil kumar sharma

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  9. Michael Khut

    I actually really enjoyed this video. Just have your cameraman not frame you so close, especially if you are the type who talks a little with your hands. A little room above your head to just below the chest visually won't be so confronting.

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