Google Home & Chromecast Audio Groups

This video will help you create and control a Google Home & Chromecast audio group. You can use a Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Home Hub, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast 2nd gen, Chromecast 3rd gen, Chromecast Ultra & speakers with Chromecast built-in.

Control your group by voice:
OK Google, Play rock on (group name)
OK Google, Pause, resume, stop, play next song
OK Google, Set volume to 5

Music from Soundstripe:
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37 Replies to “Google Home & Chromecast Audio Groups”

  1. Abdullah Bin Fadhil

    What if I have 4 ceiling speakers ( 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the livingroom)
    and 2 more outdoor speakers by the pool.
    And I want to control them all by google home. Is it possible and what tool should I use ?

  2. Andy Walsh

    Great advise as usual Brett, keep it up. One question, if the Google Home hub is connected to a bluetooth speaker, can you also get the sound to come out of the Home hub's speaker as well as the connect bluetooth speaker?

  3. Buff Muffin

    Hey there Brett, i just purchased and installed the new Google Chromecast and i wanted to create a Speaker group with my Google Home mini and Googel Home Hub, but i cant seem to add my Chromecast to my group. I can see and add both my Hub and Mini, but i cant seem to add my Chromecast. Any advise? Maybe I need to update my Chromecast?

  4. Lynn

    I have the newer Chromecast hooked up to my TV and the TV is hooked up to my soundbar /subwoofer. After adjusting the delay the music sounds awesome! I'm going to see what other speakers in my house I can add to the hub 😀

  5. Chromosite

    I have an important question..
    I want to buy smart lights
    What type of wifi do you need for philips hue bulbs and does it need the hub thing.

    And also what type of wifi do merkury bulbs need?

  6. Swipe650

    Unfortunately for some strange reason, the chromecast 2 doesn't show the song and artist info in the bottom left corner when it's part of a home group. I've raised this with Google but still no fix.

  7. Kirk Arnold

    This topic is spot on. I literally did this yesterday when I got my second google home mini. I have my Chromecast audio hooked up to my Bose system via aux and the rest are around the house. Great video

  8. letzgoterps

    Brett, a month or so ago I remember reading / watching a video where I could watch youtube on my chromecast and have the audio play on my Google Home speakers. However, it required a newer chromecast than I have. How can I do this?

    Well, as I wrote that I heard you say this isn't an option yet. I'll leave this here anyway so that if someone looks at comments, they'll see you can't do it. 🙁

  9. AGLO.Products&Service-Angel L. Garcia Lopez

    Brett, you are right about that. Only music we can play Chromecast, Chromecast audio and Home mini. That's the way I have the group. 2 Chromecast, 2 Home mini and 1 Chromecast audio. I have only one group with all of them with only one Chromecast on the living room for a get together with friends and family, on kitchen,living room, porches front and back and on my studio.

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