Google Home + Bluetooth Speaker

[How to Connect Google Home to a Bluetooth Speaker]
Google Home has a new app so my old video about how to connect to a bluetooth speaker is out of date, so I made a new one. In this video I show you how to use the Google home as a bluetooth speaker and how to connect Google Home to a bluetooth speaker.

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Music by Joakim Karud

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42 Replies to “Google Home + Bluetooth Speaker”

  1. Sahal Koth

    Bro! I am a student. My school classes are running on google meet daily. But, I am not able to connect my bluetooth speaker to my mobile. I had connected with mobile bluetooth. But, In google meet. I am not getting any voice from bluetooth speaker. So, bro please help me

  2. Chauncy Dennis

    so this maybe a dumb question, but over the years I've collected a few Bluetooth speakers. ( of different brands) is there a way for me to connect all of them to play simultaneously?. say a movie to create a surround sound?

  3. Josefin Aadde

    Even if I put my speaker on paring mode and I can chose it in the google home app, when it’s loading a error message just shows up after a while saying it couldn’t pair, what am I doing wrong??
    My phone isn’t connected to the speaker either.

  4. HCkev

    How do you add your Bluetooth speaker to Google Home? If I go to Create a speaker group, it says there is no speaker on the wifi network (but I don't want to use wifi, I want to use Bluetooth!). If I go to add a device, Google Home just can't find it (meanwhile my two phones and laptop finds my speaker immediately). What am I supposed to do? It's been over an hour and still can't have my music playing on my Bluetooth speaker instead of my Google Home Mini from the Google Home app… I can't believe something so simple is so unnecessarily complicated to do…

  5. Nathan Fry

    okay so i used my jbl charge 3 as my speaker for the google home mini and whenever i play music from spotify there’s a little bit of static every so often. any way to fix it? thanks

  6. gorkem acikgoz

    i want to buy bluetooth speakers. i couldnt decide tronsmart t6 mini or google home mini, with google home mini you can listen music but i cant sure will i enjoy the music like t6 mini. Also google home mini more functional. So do you have suggestions ? i want listen music first.

  7. Lyssa B

    I have a JBL Bluetooth speaker in my bathroom so I can listen to music while I get ready, and I’ve ordered my google home mini to put in my bedroom. If I pair the two like your tutorial shows, do I need to keep the JBL speaker turned on at all times to sync up? Or will the google home mini turn the Bluetooth speaker on for me from my room when I ask it to play music so I don’t have to walk all the way to the bathroom and turn it on before asking google home to play music from it…?

  8. Ray Scrafield

    I have a bluetooth speaker that plays from google home as it should but as soon as I turn it on, the google home stops putting out any sound. Is there a way to have both playing at the same time

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