Google cuts ties with Huawei, drops Android access | DW News

Chinese tech company Huawei has been dealt a major blow after Google said it was cutting ties with the mobile phone producer. The US internet giant says it responding to a decision by the Trump administration to categorize Huawei as a “national security threat”. The move means that in future owners of Huawei smartphones could have only limited access to Google services. This comes as the the US and China are engaged in an ongoing trade dispute which shows no sign of ending.

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20 Replies to “Google cuts ties with Huawei, drops Android access | DW News”

  1. Chris Blyth

    Suits me just fine. Have detested Google for a long time now. As for Huawei spying I think it's a bit rich when Google has been doing just that worldwide. Bloody hypocrites.
    The sooner the 2 major mobile OS platforms are kicked into touch, just like Boeing and the complacency that seems endemic right now, the better the world can breathe and move again.
    I'd like to see Jolla Sailfish installed on all Huawei phones. It would be a kick in the balls just like Bombardier and Airbus.
    The spoilt brats shoot themselves in the foot again and again and don't see their own hypocrisy.
    Google= secrets given to all behind a veil of data protection.
    What is it with the USA? World domination when it comes to lies, spying and the monopoly of it all?
    Total paranoia.

  2. MiloTheFirst

    geez, so much ignorant people on the comment section. do you people not realize that since the XIX century every country spies on every other country they can afford to? stop with the hypocrisy. the issue with Huawei and why other countries beside the USA are jumping on the ban wagon is because of the serious security implications on letting a foreign government potentially control part of your infrastructure . Imagine instead of 5G it was the power grid, you wouldn't know if the foreign company hid a mechanism to shut down your entire national power supply, it is just as dangerous with telecommunications. the Huawei Ban is not a punishment for already being caught spying but a preventive measure to avoid making it extremely easy for them in the future.

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