Google Assistant review: Is it actually useful?

With Google Assistant spearheading the Google Pixel’s appeal (according to Google), is it something that can actually be found useful in its early stages?

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48 Replies to “Google Assistant review: Is it actually useful?”

  1. Therrine Moana

    Just a heads up people about google assistant… I just found out that when I say "ok google" to my samsung s9+, it bypasses the 4 digit pin and my fingerprint scanner and makes the phone fully accessible! Has this happened to anyone else?


    "I can tell it that my favorite food is pizza (At least i Think it is). Then later on i can ask the assistant what my favorite food is and it will tell me that its pizza! Definitely an underrated feature in my opinion!"

    That has to be the stupidest thing ive ever heard on YouTube…. EVER!

    Are you a special needs student or something?
    Are you going to forget what your favorite food is? or what you think it is?

    Are you just as amazed that chrome remembers your password if you tell it to?

  3. James Brown

    It's really useful in the car. Navigating and finding fuel stations, dictating texts/whatsapp messages, hands free calling and basic general diary housekeeping etc safely makes it almost essential for me.

  4. Om Gupta

    I would love to use Google Assistant. Unfortunately, my current phone with Android 5.1.1 doesn't support it. I'll soon be buying a new device with Nougat or Oreo. I just want to use it….

  5. Terence Jones

    Pixel 2 hardware isn't great, the software operating system easily outshines the hardware. When Google makes a better hardware than Samsung , only then will I buy. But seriously , outside of the camera , the rest of the phone sucks! Come on Google , you have the money to make better hardware than the pixels thus far!

  6. The Rolls Royce Trent

    When you shop mention the city you live in and mention the item(s) you are looking for. I learned this by mistake. Say something like Denver Smartphones and it will pop up a list of Smartphones in your city. But always mention the city you live in.

  7. James King

    As far as I have been able to determine, when you use the "Tell me about my day" feature, it will only tell you reminders that have been set on the phone and not those that have been set using the calendar. It appears that reminders set in the web client and those set on the phone don't sync and it doesn't see them. It also doesn't seem to read all day calendar events but only appointments scheduled for a specific time.

  8. Ujjwal Gogia

    Nice video, I like google assistant.
    Anyway, could you pls tell what mobile stand is it in the video with that aluminum kinda finish? Also could you pls tell if it's available on Amazon. 🙂

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