Gold Confiscation? Will the Chinese Yuan replace the US Dollar? Julian Phillips on TV TV presents an exclusive interview with South Africa’s top gold analyst, Julian Phillips ( He discusses several topics with interviewer Jonathan Roth ( including:

– Will the Chinese Yuan replace the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

– Will gold continue to climb while paper currencies depreciate?

– Could gold be confiscated by national governments?

Taped on-location in Johannesburg, South Africa.

37 Replies to “Gold Confiscation? Will the Chinese Yuan replace the US Dollar? Julian Phillips on TV”

  1. BackToConstitution

    Lose the annoying montage! What a waste of 30 seconds! So loud! Who did this?
    All the suckers who bought gold when this video was made, at a price of $1725 have lost much of their fortunes!
    Gold, at this moment is $1,222 a loss of 29%. Bitcoin in 2012 was just $5 and today it's $1,013 almost equal in value to a troy ounce of gold! Which is better? Over the past 5 years, bitcoin went from $4.31 on February 21, 2012 to $1,013 or a gain of 23,503% so which is better? YOU decide! If one put $1 million into gold at the time of this video, he'd have only $710,000 but if he invested in bitcoin, at the same time, he'd have $235,000,000

  2. Northeastshooter

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  3. Silver Turd

    Julian Phillips mentions the system is designed (The Constitution of the United States keeps one side from ruling. That was its design! It sounds like someone else is speaking through his mouth or he does not appreciate a democratic society!

  4. Jon Laska

    what you do not agree with, please? The problem is that the USA cheat and lie about everything and lost all credibility. If US government was not corrupted it could be saved. Living on stealing on other countries cannot go on for ever. More over that USA together with Israel started WW3 and the rest of the world is not going to continue eating the crap about bringing democracy to countries when it is visible robbing.

  5. anglekan

    The U.S will be like Germany during WW2. They will put up a good fight but China and its future allies will be too much for the U.S and its collapsed economy. The u.s will be forced to come to terms with the dollar loosing its currency petrol status.

  6. Chakraborty Indranil

    Like the presentation but very text book like. The repeated mention of confiscation is nothing but pillage. 'Rich' and 'Poor' definition need to revisited. Amount of Real gold reserve is fake. Gold can be bought but can't physical units be had. Some are even fake golds. $1,200 trillion and rising financial derivative market can not be substantiated with any amount of Gold regardless what is decided in Basel. USD will go EUR will stay and so shall Greece. Bit of history knowledge would have done.

  7. chris repke

    Refreshing to see two people intelligently discuss politics without hearing "its all bush's fault!" "obama is a doo doo head" "repub's are great dem's are awful", or "dem's are great repub's are awful". This interview is what political discussion used to look like, 100 yrs ago or so in this country. I wish it could return.

  8. Numismatic Chalk

    I agree with your vid but Keiser, Kiyosaki and the Trump types did a HUGE disservice to silver – when the price crashed all the theatre-LARP geek behavior scared the small stackers. Their 2009 predictions of bullion for gas and bread totally backfired.

    We need better presenters and spokesmen. The average person hasnt the foggiest fcken idea what the price for an ounce of any metal and why this could be useful in the future. Thats some failed iMarketing.

  9. TheMorbid33

    China is buying up the pipelines in Iraq, also other purchases in the U.S., they have begun dumping the dollar, Once the dollar looses the status of reserve currency, the banks won't be allowed to print more money. China is the BRICS.

  10. dee nice

    BRIC nation currency or the EURO has the better chance of replacing the dollar as the world reserve currency, not the yuan. OPEC is in control..they have to choose to sell oil in BRIC or the EURO for the USD to be replaced.

  11. Boston Blackie

    @33 his company is storing customer's gold in private vault at a Swiss bank.

    I hope his company has their own keys to their vault and not lent them to Swiss bankers. There have been claims that within the last 3 years a few people went to their own Swiss banks to get their physical gold, it wasn't there! The Swiss bank held their gold under general storage and apparently either sold it or leased it out. It took them a few days to buy the gold for the customer. This won't work when the SHTF.

  12. drmodestoesq

    If I had some gold that I was keeping in the event of some Zombie Apocalypse I wouldn't be giving it to the Swiss. Look at all those Hebrews that gave their gold to the Swiss when the Nazis were closing in. When their families tried to get access to it after the war the Swiss just shrugged their shoulders and said, "vee don't know vat you are tauking abat." If I had any gold it would be hidden in an old paint can in my garage. Safer than Fort Knox. If you don't hold it….you don't own it.

  13. songokukingdomhearts

    Every country has its problems, also if you're talking about making problems in China, it's probably not a good idea, the economies of China and the USA depend on each other.
    I won't believe that China will become number one without experiencing it, I do believe that it'll be a world power like Japan and Germany, or it already is.

  14. nausca

    do any of you know, the total chinese military budget is smaller then their so call "social-stable" budget. china have their own problems. and the West world won't be afraid to make these internal issues bigger.

  15. nixymagoo

    Whether you think gold and silver is a good investment the point remains that when countries print money heavily to prevent a collapse what your doing in destroying the confidence in that money. Example: why would i sell oil to you when i know you just print it backed by nothing. It will reach a point where items of value will be required for trade and not a useless paper. It happens with every civilisation.

  16. Phil Gossage

    Greece is a small yet significant problem. Agreed France/Spain way bigger. Perhaps Euroland's gold may help protect itself – If they still have what they think. Only a few days ago the B of E wheeled out the Queen of England to prove its there. The stunt backfired,abit, when she later said "its not all ours is it ?". Who does own it ? Will the answer be another surprise later on ? Oh yea UBS just been heavily fined for rigging LIBOR rates- surprised ?
    Great interview.

  17. RequiemFor America

    actually, when he said that Euro would get stronger after they get rid of Greece because they would've gotten rid of the "weak point" it was kind of laughable, because he talks as if Greece is the ONLY weak point preventing EU from being the success it would be otherwise. One wonders whether he is paying attention to the huge problems that Spain and France is having just to mention two countries deep in economic shit in Europe. I'm sure he is being honest, but disagree that his facts are sound.

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