Going UltraWide with the LG 21:9 Monitor 29UM68

Demonstrating the excellent LG 29UM68 UltraWide 21:9 29″ monitor.
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Update: the game being played is Portal not Portal 2

It has been suggested that my MacBook Pro 2014 can output 4K at 60Hz over the DisplayPort…this is not what I understand from reading this: but perhaps I’m wrong…however I’d rather have a 21:9 screen than a 4K one now after using it for a while, so I’m happy. When editing the video is only visible in a small window in the corner, so I never get to see it in 4K/UHD until it’s finished….at which point I can watch it on my main UHD TV.

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27 Replies to “Going UltraWide with the LG 21:9 Monitor 29UM68”

  1. wirdokhatzu sevenstrings

    can i ask something,, can i connected that screen into my laptop with safety??
    im mean, no have problem if my laptop always plugin with this screen LG..
    my laptop is MSI ge63 raider 8rgb.

    i7 8gen


    256 ssd

    GTX 1060 6gb

    1920 x 1080 resolution

    120 Hz…

    im really waiting your answer, cos now i need a ultrawide monitor for editing and multi tasking..

    thanks you if u can answer my question 🙂

    if u have more advice monitor ultrawide for my laptop, please let me know, and ill search in google.

    and wich better LG 29WK600 with LG 29UM68

  2. amigo Studioworks

    The problem with this monitor are: u can't work efficiently with multiple timelines….and this 29 inch monitor looks dwarf when u stand it beside 24 inch monitor..this looks like u r working on a 22 inch tall monitor…And for the price it is selling, u can build two 24 inch monitor setup easily…with 1920*2 = 3840 by 1080p monitor…So no good for me..

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