GOD OF WAR 4 – Full Movie All Cutscenes 60FPS (PS4 Pro)

GOD OF WAR 4 All Cutscenes Kratos Full Movie 2018 all cinematic the video includes the full story cinematics movies in the story mode including Gameplay dialogues with Boss Gods Fight and Ending 60FPS (PS4 PRO)

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28 Replies to “GOD OF WAR 4 – Full Movie All Cutscenes 60FPS (PS4 Pro)”

  1. Muslim Mystic

    Kratos should call his son ''son'' or his respective name but I think he is running away from the fact that he is a father. He refrains from being emotionally attached to anybody else after what he did to his first family

  2. ChanoCyber9Avila

    Would’ve been cool if Kratos had access to his old weapons and give Atreus the bow of Apollo. And the Hercules gauntlets would’ve been useful against Baldur and as a side note would the blade of Olympus be a hard counter to Thor’s hammer?

  3. zane blue

    Wait ….wait if ur Loki ….. That means something is going to happen to kratos so that Odin can adopt u and how on God of war earth that ya son (the big snake btw) exist . And aren't you a Persian God the last time I check…. I need answers but this is still the best touching none revengeful story for God of war

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