Getting the Most out of your MAVIC MINI – Tips & Tricks

In this video I talk about Getting the Most out of your Mavic Mini – Tips & Tricks to help you fly like a pro!
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Camera & Lenses:
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The only Camera Straps I use:
Peak Design Slide –
Peak Design Slide Light –
Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT –
Manfrotto Compact MKC3 –
JOBY GorillaPod 3K –
Cheap Phone/Gopro Tripod –
ND Filters
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Gobe 82mm Variable ND –
B&W 10 Stop –
Mavic Mini ND Set –
Camera Bag
Case Logic SLRC-206 –
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Youtube Gear & Essentials
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Shotgun Mic –
External Monitor –
Lighting Godox SL60W –
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49 Replies to “Getting the Most out of your MAVIC MINI – Tips & Tricks”

  1. JonahKai 671

    When I did the Circle quickshot of my wife and friends swimming, my mini drop in altitude to the point where, had I not moved one of the sticks to stop the quickshot….I'd have to go for a quick dip to retrieve it….is this drop normal?

  2. dragon

    5:10 No, thank you. This is one of the biggest reasons I want a drone in the first place lmao, to explore far away. Kilometeres. There is a point and need. Every drone is a WiFi drone lmao how else do you wanna live view it and control it? It has around 4.5km of range here in Europe I dont know a drone that has more than that lmao so idk whats your point

  3. Christos

    Why EVERY video out there fails to inform people that there is a HUGE difference that changes the whole game with this drone, and that is that it’s batteries are NOT LiPo! They are Li-ion! That means they are safer to use, easier to storage, safer to get them with you on board, easier to charge and even use as a battery bank, etc…

  4. Filop

    Is there any way to turn off the low battery indicator beeping? Or atleast acknowledge it, like hit ok and then continue filming and flying in peace?

  5. Enigmatt

    I've already made the mistake of not updating home point before taking off 😣 (total catastrophe).
    Guys stick to all the tips that Stefan has shared with us, they'll make your life better.
    Trust me…
    Stay safe!

  6. Wide Awake!

    I never knew i had to update battery firmware for each one… i had the update message but never got them again after changing the battery. Do i need to do them manually in the settings somehow?

  7. Aves Raggiana

    .A few days ago I flew my Mini out of my 21st floor hotel room window. I sent it out about 500 ft away from the building. I got a "Maximum Altitude Reached" warning.  
    At that point my Mini couldn't have been more than 400 ft above the ground. Then things got crazy pretty quickly. Somehow my RC lost connection with my Mini and very soon, my Mini started turning back towards me. It did a ninety degree pivot to the left, the gimbal couldn't right itself and you can see that in the video I was able to save, then it seemed to race back towards me. Instead of regaining connection with my RC, the Mini raced past my window and crashed into the side of the building. Later I found my drone lying in pieces by the swimming pool. The impact was so hard that it ejected the battery out of its case. I never did find the battery.

  8. hammock camping

    I got one a couple weeks ago. It's been hot lately here in Arizona. My last flight was sunny late morning of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, and the battery got up to 54 degrees Celsius. I got an aircraft overheating warning and so I promptly descended and flew another 40 yards to its landing site. The evening before I had no trouble flying it at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I did this at Sunset so the sun intensity was very low nonetheless it was hotter. Doing this did not cause the aircraft overheat. Does anybody have any comments about the maximum temperature the battery should be reaching during use? I know the maximum flying temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit

  9. Achilles Myrmidon

    Thanks for the video. I have to share that I saw mavic mini range test video yesterday. He was able to fly at least 5K meters distance away, w/ minor hick ups on connectivity. If you lost your connectivity after 500m, then it is either that you failed antenna positioning or it was a major obstacle. Cheers

  10. V WorldWide

    So I have a question great video by the way. I am getting confused one person will say the photos are really good but then I hear people say it is not good for professional? Why if the photos are good do you not recommend for pro? Or to make a profit ? Thanks for taking the time .

  11. Paul Gerardi

    Thanks for the tips but I do have a question. I did get a message to update the battery firmware to which I did, but how do you do the others batteries? I never received a message to update the others. Thanks for your time!

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