Getting Started with the Aeotec Minimote

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Hey Guys,

Wanted to share a quick review and setup tutorial on one of my absolute favorite Z-wave devices – the Aeotec Minimote. These rechargeable $20 Z-wave remotes are sick for controlling things around your home. It can activate anything inside of Home Assistant including scripts, switches, and TTS triggers. It’s very cool having a remote that can do just about anything that’s super fast. If you haven’t seen one of these before, definitely check it out!

I’m not sure what is going on with the Gen 1 vs Gen 2 minimotes. The Gen 2 minimotes are significantly more expensive and to my knowledge don’t bring a lot extra to the table in all you’re after is to control items in Home Assistant. I’d pick up the Gen 1 while you can.


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43 Replies to “Getting Started with the Aeotec Minimote”

  1. Louis Mamakos

    Thanks for the review; it inspired me to buy a couple minimotes for my Home Assistant installation.

    These days, it's not necessary to use ozwcp any longer. You can now set the minimote into "Scene" mode from inside of Home Assistant, using the Z-Wave tab in the web interface. You still need to wake-up the minimote to change its mode.. but if you're quick-of-click and you easily do it if you select the option in Home Assistant, but waking up the minimote before you actually to the "set" operation.

  2. A F

    So could i use a minimote to act as a gateway from my light switch to my home monitoring system so it can be recognized and seen? I don't have a zwave hub but i have a security system tablet with my home security on it, cameras etc.. would this remote allow me to pair the two together?

  3. Bob Moran

    OK, Persistence pays. I had to hit a JSON validator to get it right but Dev tools, zwave, set_config_parameter JSON
    "node_id": "6",
    "parameter": "250",
    "value": "1",
    "size": "1"

    Worked. note node # is particular to your fob setup. I now can control 8 events with the minimote and 8 more with the fob.

  4. Bob Moran

    You can save button use by changing from light.turn_off or on , to light.toggle same button press on and off. I have the key fob remote working as well and it is in scene mode in OZWP but the buttons are acting in "group mode" I needs a configuration parameter 250 set to 1 but I can't change it in OZWP and don't know how else to do it.

  5. djmspringcreek

    Quick tip, Ben; if you want to watch the system output in real time without manually starting it, you can use

    tail /var/log/syslog -F

    This can be a PITA if you're running a bunch of stuff on it, but it can be useful if you're trying to troubleshoot multiple things working together. If you only want the HASS output you can use

    tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep "hass"

    Which will only return anything logged by Home Assistant.

  6. Daniel

    Hey! I do have a Vera controller right now, Can i still use the Remote in HA?
    I do use it in Vera, but can i make sceans in HA for it? Or would i need to buy a z-wave chip for my RPI?

  7. Rene Hogendoorn

    Great tutorial! Just a small addition: it is not necessary to repair. Just press "Learn" for 3 seconds and the minimote will wake up for 30s. This is usually sufficient time to get it into scene mode.

  8. Matt Pitts

    hi, I've followed your guide exactly, and I'm pretty sure the minimote is in scene mode, as I see the presses show up in the ozw console, but when I restart hass and press a button they don't show up in the hass console, can you shed any light on this? thanks Matt

  9. Pierre Charpentier

    Good videos!! Was wondering if you can do a video on home alarm. Specifically, how to create a house alarm with PIR sensors and Home assistant. And how to send a message to private MQTT on the phone or another way to notify on the cell phone.

  10. Peter Kilner

    Hey Ben, I like the Minimote but not its form-factor (I.E.: it too small and I will loose it). Can you recommend a wall mount z wave remote? I have found what looks to be a few on amazon but they seem really expensive and have functionality that I don't need. Thank you!

  11. Donny Fontenot

    Couldn't agree more in regards to using a remote with home automation. I've been using an X10 Palm remote (8x on/off buttons) for many years and recently integrated it into my HASS hub. I control lights but more importantly I can control my cooling/heating with one button assign to +1 degree and another to -1 degree. So when things get a bit too hot/cold, I can reach over in my sleep and press one button in the dark and BAM climate control!

  12. Ash

    How did you get Google Home to not play the "bleep" before commenting on your hair? Whenever I send a phrase to it I from HA I always get it before the phrase is spoken.

  13. thegame3202

    This is awesome! I have been running HASS for a bit now and am just getting into z-wave, is it worth it to save all my configs and install the AIO? I'm assuming I could just copy my YAML files back after and restart HASS? Between mosquitto, openzwave, etc I feel like it may be easier.

    Thoughts? Thanks Bruh! Love your channel!

  14. mviezzer

    Great to see a video with new devices 😀 Btw, congrats by the amazing channel content!
    The remote is pretty responsive indeed. Do you think that is realiable to complete replace an eletrical switch for a zwave remote?
    I was expecting a longer range 😐 hopeful a year. I'm excited about the new
    You get notify when the battery is low?

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