Getting a Tesla Model X for Cheap?

In this episode we go over a local Model X for sale, top to bottom, start to finish. Is this Model X one of the best deals you can snag right now? Could it be a good fix and keep or a fix and flip?

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25 Replies to “Getting a Tesla Model X for Cheap?”

  1. David Garcia

    Good video but i have concerns. Tesla may not offer any software updates for the vehicle including those related to supercharging. A guy took Tesla to court in Australia because they refused to offer the updates and it set him back $25000. He won but only managed to get fast charging. The repairs and new spares market for these cars are very niche and closely monitored by the manufacturer. In reality it's great news for Tesla, they can tell the insurance company it's too costly to fix which helps them sell more new cars. At the prices indicated Im pretty sure someone would prefer to pay more for a legit vehicle or buy something else cheaper which hasn't been written off. I guess if you plan on buying, repairing then keeping for a long time it may make sense, otherwise I'm not convinced.

  2. Bicycle Wang

    The reason he’s selling is very suspicious. First, if he doesn’t like it, why he buys it the first place? And why he just won’t fix it and sell it at higher price and buy another one? He owns a shop so he must found something fishy and don’t want to continue and wants to find a sucker to buy it.

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