40 Replies to “Getting A FREE Nintendo Wii U Kiosk From Gamestop! | SicCooper”

  1. Kenny B

    Is there an inspected by Kenneth sticker in there? I built/inspected/repaired everyone of those kiosk. You didn't need the key (just press down on the top right corner of door). The consoles we installed were only demos, the controllers would of been nice though.

  2. L

    My GameStop was a dick about it and said no that they have to destroy it and that the others shouldn’t be giving them out. Fuck my gamestop

  3. per

    I'm going to try and find one too. I live in the UK and to be honest, there aren't very many stands in the first place. I'm going to call around, wish me luck!

  4. Seizure Gamer

    hey man i just got mine today and I'm having the same problem as you with the speakers. would you mind showing me on a video how you hooked up those other speakers or send me a message please. I just subscribed love the video.

  5. XTX

    cooper this is awesome! what a pickup…have you got space for it? its sad that they cut some cables but if you can replace them it'll be sick! thanks for sharing 🙂

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