Genshin Impact | Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Genshin Impact is an open world action game set in the fantasy world called “Teyvat”, offering players a freely explorable world, multiple playable characters, an in-depth elemental combo-based combat system and an engaging story. Developed and published by miHoYo, the title is scheduled to come to PlayStation plaftform in 2020.

42 Replies to “Genshin Impact | Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. Fist Amendment

    Seems like there's more people complaining about negative comments than the actual number of complaints about this game. In other words, it's like every other outrage mongering comments section.

  2. Nate Johnson

    w/ no context, all im understanding from this comment section is theres a dude who apparently smashed his ps4 because of this game announcement or something, and now a bunch of white 20 year olds are happy about that?

  3. Phill Sosa

    I know this was inspired by botw and all that but some of these enemies are too similar. Im not even worried about copyright or stealing from nintendo or anything but wouldnt they want to make their own enemy designs? Wouldnt they want to be a bit more creative and stand out on their own? The bit of the trailer I watched I clearly see wizrobes and bokos and chuchus and lyonels. Changing them a bit doesnt mean creativity. Give me new enemies to defeat. Game looks cool but I feel like Id just get bored of it after a bit. Aim for the tainted blood on its neck .. dont you mean the calamity? What in this game isnt completely derivative of botw besides the jrpg look of the boss fight?

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