27 Replies to “General Motors Unveils 2017 Chevrolet Bolt at CES 2016”

  1. BO T

    Will you crush this ev too GM ?
    Recall it ?
    Can people safely buy your ev product this time without beeing afraid of you using force on your customers again ?
    You own a lot of patents and tecknoligy just waiting.
    GM shows they can, but they use to go the old fashion safe route.
    I hope you go the whole way out this time ! If anyone can it GM.

  2. Apollo

    According to what she says, GM is making all the connections necessary with other companies in an attempt to catch up with Testla futuristic technology that is here now! Her comment about "you don't have to go out of state to purchase a Bolt" and her praising the car dealership tells us how strong they are willing to fight anyone who tries to do things different. She implies that because her company has been around longer, their technology is better, really! In the early 2000s the EV1 had about 100 miles range, beautiful futuristic car, now about 15 years later they are able to double the range. Bottom line, we appreciate all the efforts from all automakers to bring electric cars into our world, the more choices consumers have the better for all of us. In my case my choice will NOT be affected by how far I have to travel to get the car that want.

  3. hell Bent

    although this car is ugly i suppose that all the car companies have to start somewhere hopefully EV will be become so mainstream that they will be alot cheaper sooner ,but i cant help thinking that the only reason all the big manufacturers got in on it is because Tesla is getting away with there customers ,GM ,Ford and the rest have alot of catching up to do ,not saying they cant do it ,but there to far invovled with the oil industries

  4. Hito Nino

    Originally, I was interested in getting the Chevy Bolt. However, After I saw the Tesla model 3 yesterday, I changed my plan. I think the bolt is a complete joke in comparison to Tesla Model 3. Tesla Model 3 is cheaper (after incentive: $35,000-$7,500 = $28,000), better design, better standard features (Tesla Autopilot), free Tesla supercharging, and faster 0-60 (under 6 seconds). I think it will be very very difficult for bolt to compete with Tesla model 3. Also, Chevy Bolt design is uninspiring. Even Chevy Volt has better aesthetic design quality than the Bolt. What a pitty!!! GM just wasted opportunity and resources with the Bolt. The team responsible for the Bolt project need to be fired. I am going to reserve the Tesla Model 3 today. I don't mind staying in 1-2 years waiting list.

  5. Aapo Aaronheim

    the abundance of choice when it comes to purchasing a car is overwhealming and serves to take away valuable time in a persons life. if there was one car only in each class it would so much easier same goes for brands one brand is enough. these are the changes you need to achieve in your society for the future.

  6. Clint Harper

    Nice little car, but it's too bad that GM didn't stick with the prototype design for the Bolt that they were showing off a year or two ago. It had a more dramatic exterior and modern interior. Seeing this production design probably broke the hearts of the team that did such a great job on the prototype. Unfortunately, this looks like a Chevy, the prototype didn't. I'm still planning on putting my deposit down on the Tesla 3 ("E") and getting on a long waiting list.

  7. bartekj81

    I don't know how about you but when I hear Elon gives a speech – it feels real, genuine and down the Earth. When she speaks – it feels like tons of pre-learnt bullshit we hear all the time from the most of CEOs. I dont mean she is not right – she just sounds not right, if you know what I mean. Sorry for mistakes, I am not the native English speaker.

  8. Gary West

    I Hope this wont be a electrical Nighmare!! and that it is engineered and manufactured to a very high degree, as I remember all those automatic transmissions that needed to be replaced on GM cars at a few thousand dollars each Several times over. I hope GM actually produces something Great that is DURABLE!!! and lasts and Not just another GM poorly engineered and poorly Manufactured POS, like they did in the past, I think people will wait to see and that is NOT good as GM has drove people away and trust is VERY LOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want America to Re-Start or get back to Producing Quality Durable products, we will see. I Know America Can Produce Better than the Chinese quality, that it has produced in the past.

  9. Neil Livewire

    We "DON'T ALL" want to be connected!!!!!!!
    I just want an electric car NOW. (well and a bike)
    I had in mind a Leaf for this year but the Bolt looks interresting enough to wait for.
    But not too long

  10. NoSunBeach

    Features/Options I would be most interested in  1. If you could run AC or Heater overnight while parked with lights off  2.  If you could run the interior power, AC or Heater from a wall outlet directly while charging. 3. Fold flat front passenger seat.  4. 10year warranty on the battery and the promise of cheap (less than $2000) battery upgrade after 5 years.   We are not there yet, but the promise we should be striding for is 80% charge in 15 minutes using a rapid charger without degrading the battery.

  11. Henrik Wallin

    The batteries and electronics are still pretty expensive compared to what they will be in just 2-3 years. In 5 years we will have driver-less cars for half the price while still are better than the 2017 Bolt.

    Engineers and project managers almost always underestimate the time for a project, but they even much more underestimate the pace at which many competing development projects together are progressing.

    The Bolt, despite being a good car for its price, has obvious potential to be improved:

    1) More dense and cheaper battery. This will obviously improve every year.

    2) Smaller and more efficient motor etc. There is no frunk and instead a lot of stuff there, that should take up less space.

    3) Built more in composite materials which are very fast becoming cheaper and better.

    4) Way more censors, cameras and so on. These are getting so cheap that it makes little sense to not have a bunch extra. Like cheap LADARs, ultrasound, all kinds of IR-, UV-, night- cameras.

    5) Better interaction with the driver to view the surroundings like virtual flight around the car, heads-up information about what you see through the windows, and all kinds of apps like that.

    6) Way more computer power and constant Internet access, combined with driver-less driving.

    If I was funding research into diesel, gasoline or hydrogen cars, I would cut it at once. It's a total waste and it can never compete with the battery driven car. Save the money and develop something useful instead!

  12. Philip Leonardo

    It is so stupid for GM to do the electric car long time ago and then kill it…old leadership of old men have old ideas now it's the leadership of a woman good and looks like she is in the right track…I bet there are a lot of new thinkers in their payroll..

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