Gears 5 Analysis: A New Technological Standard For Xbox One?

Wow, this is something very, very special. Join John Linneman for an extended deep dive into the technology of Gears 5 on Xbox One and Xbox One X. Check out how The Coalition has improved the visuals of the game, how closely X meets its 4K 60fps target, how well S holds up in the Gears 5 graphics comparison – plus we have a detailed look at split-screen frame-rates!

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32 Replies to “Gears 5 Analysis: A New Technological Standard For Xbox One?”

  1. Loop Hole

    Whenever you hear words like upscale and dynamic that is a nice way of saying not native 4k. The same things snobs criticised the ps4 pro for. It's funny how now one says shit when xbox do it.

  2. Stan the HeadHumongous

    I still have fond memories of my friends and I play split screen gears in early 2010s during our university days. We couldn't connect consoles to our dorm wifi so we just played horde and versus on split screen. ah good ol days.

  3. Devilea Ea

    Gears and Halo are one of the most overrated games any gen. It's a fuking fps and a 3 person shooter. Games that are over done. I wish I could see these developers come up with something else. For example Killzone to horizon zero Dawn. All they could come up with is those stupid strategy games. They can't make shit in my opinion.

  4. Deanobeany

    I'm not sure why I watch videos like this, I have the original xbox one and a 32" 108pp tv. (I'm a use it until it breaks kind of guy) so I tend to focus more on the gameplay and story.

    As such I thought the game was really bland character wise, and the skiff missions drove me insane, I feel in this instance traversing the icy/desert landscapes would have felt more impressive with a bigger higher res screen.

  5. S. T

    Easily one of your best analysis, I don't own Gears 5 yet but I will soon, and this makes me so impatient to play it. Isn't a shame how some far less ambitious games can't even run properly at 900p on base Xbox One when you got these guys running a genuine masterpiece like this at 1080p 30fps ? Kudos to The Coaliation, who gets too much hate from an overly ungrateful community of spoiled little brats.

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