Gas Thruster Controlled Drone

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23 Replies to “Gas Thruster Controlled Drone”

  1. Anders Thomsen

    What if you pointed the thrusters outwards at aprox 40 deg, so when the drone is tilted towards the thruster it points down and not in the direction the drone is tilted?`Think it would increase the stability of the drone. Otherwise a verry cool eksperiment.

  2. Weromano

    I recently tried to build a similar self stabilizing while manually controllable thing in vanilla scrap mechanic but i failed when i realized that there are just logic gates to provide automatic control and a binary state distance sensor.
    Need to try it again with mods at some point 🤔

  3. Daehyoung Cho

    I think you chose the wrong nozzle shape. I would like to see a flight test using a different nozzle. I guess the bell-shaped nozzle is more suitable for flying. how do you think about that?

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