Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

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45 Replies to “Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!”

  1. Eric Maza

    Super bright projection of same image behind, slightly blurred, with reduced brightness on oled for depth and bokeh. Or even layered so the oled only has primary elements, hud, gun, arm, etc. everything else on projector.

  2. Eric Hu

    Is it possible to put one of these over a device like the S10 with an infinity o display and basically whenever you're taking a selfie it is transparent and otherwise part of the screen?

  3. PJ shadow

    I had seen dual screen phones and etc but THIS!THIS IS AWEESSOOM!! I really liked your idea of one player playing from one side and the other player from the other side. I really wanna try it

  4. Malainor

    To bad i only got normal small window a tv home, but If I had a house with those gigant livingroom windows that would be So bad ass ?. Or wifi connection for a smaller kitchen window.
    Glue it on current window frame?.

    Or 2 small tilt windows, aluminium bar and force them together?.

  5. FunnyBwos

    Imagine if there was a normal average hi res display that shows the background of a video game or movie, and then there is the transparent display in front that shows the things that are close to the camera.

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