Gameshow: Is a Tesla Model 3 Faster Than a Ford Fiesta ST? Ep.13

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46 Replies to “Gameshow: Is a Tesla Model 3 Faster Than a Ford Fiesta ST? Ep.13”

  1. asura

    I already knew that the st is going to lose this because it goes 0 to 60 in like 6 seconds the model 3 go 0 to 60 in like 5 and add so of course it's going to be a little faster the dumbass comparison if you ask me

  2. gamemaster634

    People are figuring out how to modify and "tune" Teslas now as well. Given that its power is controlled by the computer you can essentially overclock it like a graphics card. If you do that the only limit on how fast you can go is "how fast can the car physically handle?"

  3. Devon Parker

    The coal jokes are pretty misinformed guys. Taken directly from the US Department Of Energy website, coal only makes up 33% of power generated in the US, tied with natural gas, and is on a fast decline. Renewables are the fastest growing sector of the energy market with 17% of the US's power needs supplied by renewable energy in 2017.

    The future is definitely not coal. It is, however, electric.

  4. Dave Turner

    After owning a Tesla Model 3 for 6 months, i can tell you that it is a phenomenal car. It is SO MUCH more fun than a Gas Car because it is so responsive at all speeds. Because gas engines only develop power over a narrow range and thus require gear changes, they will Always lose to an electric with less rated power simply because the electric can deliver it 100% of the time. At a recent sanctioned club event near here, a totally stock Model 3 won the event – 120 cars qualified – with factory special Boxster a pokey second, a factory Mazda 8 close to him and a WRX/STI able to see the Mazda's taillights. After that, pretty sad numbers from BMW et al. I expect the Tesla will upgrade the tires before next year's event. Google it.

    As for driving in the Real World, while some people claim to use their gas cars to drive 2,000 miles in one shot, peeing in a cup, etc., i need to take a break every few hours to "wash my hands" so I stop at SuperChargers where I have to walk a few feet to a restaurant. Typically it charges at over 700 km/hour so 15-20 minutes adds about 200km range. The time you have to stop while traveling is not constrained by the car. Traveling 1000 km in my Turbo Volvo V70 will cost approximately $150 of premium fuel, fairly average for its class. If I charge at home, that is $10.60 for that 1,000. Charging at Tesla SuperCharger is about $22 while complementary charging at any decent hotel is free. My sister's favourite restaurant just happens to have a public charger so slow service at the restaurant just means more free juice for the car. Until hotels are giving away gas, that's a huge travel perk. Experienced EV owners don't have "range anxiety" as some fear. They have "paying for range anxiety" where they charge at restaurants, malls, motels, friends, IKEA, work place, block heater plugs at Home Depot – any trick to not pay to drive.

  5. Paul Gracey

    too many times around that track in the Fiesta at those speeds and Andre will NEED a couple of them to equal the duration of the Tesla. The Tesla wasn't even breaking a sweat doing its lap.

    To really test the Fiesta v Tesla take it up Pikes Peak:)

  6. Lance J. Danks

    My Tesla S 100D is powered by solar power not coal. In Caifornia 60% plants are powered by solar and wind. True, the further east you one goes, the more coal is utilized. Let's see no fossel fuel oil changes, no transmission fluid, no radiator coolant no spark plugs. I agree, the future is here, did I mention, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Faster than a speeding locomotive……

  7. Reg Sparkes

    Did the say Andre was "sh@*! faced??? Hahaha
    Yeah those Teslas's can make your face stay behind on heavy 'throttle' can't they? My nephew's Model X ( remember the X is all wheel drive ) is bloody awesome when you 'drop the hammer'!

  8. Sailor Barsoom

    Plenty of others in the comments have pointed out how dumb and how misleading the coal joke is, so: what they said.

    Tesla wins. Vroom-vroom is so 20th Century, and I need it as much as I need the chug-chug of steam. Every bit of energy which goes into making that silly noise is energy which does NOT go into moving your car. Vroom-vroom is the sound of inefficiency.

    I would about bet money that both of you have cell phones. What's with the 1975 walkie-talkies?
    Expected result, and that's not even the performance Model 3.

    I honestly didn't know what to expect here. After all, it's not even the performance Modal 3. But hey, Tesla wins! That's three out of four. Yes out of four, not out of three, because…

    Yeah, the Tesla is an expensive beast. It's better in pretty much every way (at 7:16 it wasn't the Fiesta demonstrating how, like Zorro's horse, it can come when called and avoid running you over) but that betterness comes at a cost in dollars. Lots of dollars. So, the Fiesta wins on price… until you consider the cost of gasoline vs. electricity, no motor oil, no transmission fluid, less maintenance…

  9. Trades46

    If that is the future of cars then I would no longer be a car enthusiasts for long. I want my future to look like the Jaguar I-Pace, Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron, not some cheap empty interior glued on with an I-Pad that is less comfortable than a Honda Civic.

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