Galaxy Tab S4: Official Introduction

Versatility, productivity and intuitiveness in one ultimate multitasking machine.
Introducing the new Samsung #GalaxyTabS4. Get more done, wherever you are.
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34 Replies to “Galaxy Tab S4: Official Introduction”

  1. Piery Fire

    Samsung im dissapointed the way how u show the folded one is alr a problem the first fking screen is so short and when i fold back fully it becomes a tablet and worst of all its expensive as fk this is at least so much better its thinner its wider
    Edit: I guess thats why people changed to huawei

  2. Osei Belal Kabbara

    It is by all means great but I would still want the same design however on a little bit bigger size screen such as 12 inch with full compatibility of Microsoft products for business use. it can still take some refining and design sharpening. for serious active people on the go who are engaged more in work rather than just watching media, a bigger screen and stronger performance is definitely appreciated and your have a great seller tablet. looking forward to seeing the better version of Galaxy Tab S4.

  3. Darth Roc Tha Eagle

    I recently brought the Galaxy Tab S4. I See ya Video & I have 2 questions to ask: what is the name of that charging dock u use to make it show the time at the end of the video? Second, what’s the name of the Keyboard for the Tab S4?

  4. theniceneighbor

    Wish the Samsung devices had seamless integration of messages and calls like iPad. Not an apple fan but hate that the iPad can make calls and text. I prefer not to have my phone with me all the time when I'm in the house. …and no I don't want another Sim card and phone bill. Just simple Bluetooth or wifi direct communication with my one device

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