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  1. KashtonTechMobile

    So I review a lot of phones here on my YouTube channel and I write professionally about them too. I had the note 9 then the mate 20 pro and wow do I regret getting the mate 20 pro letting the note 9 go now. So this go round I didnt want to spend a thousand plus on another phone and I went to go get a brand new LG G6 here in 2019 the silver model from best only to get the worst customer service ever. Long story short I ended up with the black G6 fingerprint collector. Was not happy though with my best buy experience. I brewed over it 4 days batted best buy over the phone and yesterday I finally decided to call the store back and this time got the service of the century. I had spent $300 on a new G6 and when I got there to exchange it for the silver which the manager was going to price match as it was more expensive than the black I was going to have to wait until Monday for it to arrive. Don't get me wrong I loved the G6. So I mentioned or I implied I'd love to have the coral blue s8 but it was $200 more dollars. The other mb as manager exchanged the $300 dollar G6 for the coral blue Samsung S8 evenly so I got a brand new S8 for $300! Wow

  2. Cloud A'Las

    I am using LG G6, I bought it for Rs. 33990, it's exchange value is now shown as Rs. 3500, while cheaper and older and less capable phones are given more exchange value. Rs. 3500 for a phone with 2k display, Snapdragon 821, awesome camera, 3 kinds of gorilla glass protection around the body, waterproof, not resistant, but full fledged waterproof, with a hi-fi quad-dac headphone jack. It's really not funny

    P.S. They launched this phone at Rs. 55000 and PUBG hangs at even lowest settings, while it plays smooth on an almost quarter-priced Realme One

  3. DaVrik

    Referring to the Galaxy S8 as the "Russ Westbrook" of phones is offensive to me. Between both phones in this situation, the S8 is clearly the James Harden of phones.

  4. Timothy Swanson

    Watching this from my G6 lol. Honestly if you are looking for either of these phones, the only real deciding factor on which ia better would be price. As for me, i went the G6 simply because it was cheaper (i like to call it "cost effective" because it sounds way better and i have an engineers mind lol). Both phones are absolutely amazing, it just comes down to preference.

  5. Dave A

    Just under a year in and I am very happy with the G6, here is a breakdown of my experience with it.

    The 8 main things I really like about this phone are…
    – Wide Angle Camera.
    – Water and dust resistance (ip68).
    – Great Build Quality (MIL-STD-810G compliancy).
    – Flat Screen design.
    – High Quality Audio DAC.
    – Headphone Jack.
    – Extra Storage (SD card) support.
    – FM Radio built in.

    The screen is flat, not curved.
    I prefer flat screens as less prone to getting knocked and cracked and easier to put a glass screen protector on for extra protection.
    No camera bump on the back.
    Fingerprint Scanner / Power Button on back.
    5.7” screen with an 18:9 Aspect Ratio.
    Height 148.9mm x 71.9mm width x 7.9mm depth, 163 gms weight.
    Glass back and front with a metal frame.

    Note: I have the Black one which has the top and bottom of the screen also black. Personally I like that look better when the phone is off as the whole screen looks black (Just a Personal Preference).

    Build Quality…
    I have a screen protector and a case on it.
    I have had one major drop drop from about 1.5 metres and no cracks or scratches so far. I put this down to the Great Build Quality (MIL-STD-810G compliancy and the phone having a non curved screen).
    The odd time I’ve got it wet in the rain, no issues, I’m sure the ip68 water and dust resistance helps here.

    Clear and bright, no issues in sunlight.

    Very quick and responsive.
    My main usage is Browsing, YouTube, Music, Camera (Still and Video) Messaging, Texting, Calling, Notes, Maps, Calendar and Email.
    No issues with any of these.

    Easily gets me through the day.
    Fast charging works well. Charges quickly to 90% then at normal charge speed for the last 10%.
    I charge it overnight.

    Note: There is no wireless charging on this model (64GB/4GB RAM with the High Quality Audio DAC).
    (Wireless charging is available on another model without the DAC).

    Photos and videos are great.
    Love the 2nd Camera Lens set up – the Wide Angle – I use this so many times in order to get everything I want in the photo.
    I’m not a big user of the Selfie Camera, the odd one I’ve taken looks fine to me.

    The High Quality DAC really makes a difference when connecting up through the headphone jack.
    Bluetooth works fine on my Wireless headphones.
    Through the speaker is good, however not much bass.
    I have solved this by using the custom setting on the Equaliser and set the bass to maximum (I set the far left bands (16 and 230) to max. With this setting the speaker sounds great.
    (Through headphones I set the equaliser back to Normal setting otherwise it’s way to bassy).
    The FM Radio works great, nice interface.

    I took my 128GB SD Card from my old phone and put it in the G6 for all my music, photos and videos.
    I save all new music, photos and videos to the SD Card.
    If I ever do need more storage I’ll probably get a 256GB SD Card, although I can’t see the need for that for a couple of years at least.
    The 64GB in built storage I keep free for applications and everything else.
    No issues with either.

    In summary…
    A year on and I am very impressed.
    The G6 ticked so many boxes, a great device for my needs.

  6. Soldier

    Sure the S8 does look very good compared to the lg g6 but I don't care about looks as much as the average person. I'd like my phone to have a large display but I want it to be tough. I prefer the LG simply because it's more durable.

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