Galaxy Note 8/9: How to Screen Mirror to Samsung Smart TV | Games/Photos/Videos/Web etc

Easily screen mirror (or connect) a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 to a Samsung smart TV. In order to connect you need to select SMART VIEW on your Note 8/9. I also screen mirror videos, photos, web pages and games such as PUBG and Traffic rider. Let me know if you have any issues or questions. Thank for watching!

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47 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8/9: How to Screen Mirror to Samsung Smart TV | Games/Photos/Videos/Web etc”

  1. Kanat Kalmenov

    Hi there. It's been more than month since I bought my note 9 and started to use smart view. Recently, I have discovered an issue: note 9 keeps disconnecting from the tv when I use smart view. Did you have such similar problem?

  2. David Myhr

    There is a deal breaking problem for a small segment of Note 9 users that film using an external monitor connected with a type C to HDMI cable dongle. When the camera is enabled in the landscape mode the monitor is switched to portrait mode and a message is displayed to the effect that landscape mode is not available when Smart View is enabled OR a HDMI connection is used. This essentially renders an external monitor useless and only occurs when in the camera mode. Why Samsung implemented this function in the camera is a mystery as no other app exhibits it. I have tried different cables and different camera apps and nothing tried will display landscape in a camera app. As I said this is a deal breaker and I wish I had known prior to my purchase.

  3. Michael McReynolds

    Wow that was some awesome information my friend I like how you did that that was pretty bad you're really intelligent when it comes two phones and computers you're a genius a very intelligent man and I appreciate you sharing this awesome video with all of us it was very informative I definitely enjoyed it and I thank you you take care and I hope you have a wonderful day my friend I'll see you at your next video count on me I'll be there USA

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