Full Tour of the NEW Google Home App

The brand new Google Home app is here! The app has a brand new layout that will allow you to easily control your smart home devices & rooms, Discover new things you can use your devices for, Browse new content to enjoy & adjust Account settings to be personalized for you! You also now have instant access to the Google Assistant without needing to leave the app!

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22 Replies to “Full Tour of the NEW Google Home App”

  1. Robbert Morgan

    Question. I have everything in my home linked to my Gmail account. Now I also want to setup my office, but obviously I don't want my employees to control my home. What is the best way to go about this?

  2. Srinivasa P

    I am using Google Home App on my android mobile to mirror on my MI Android TV. I can able to connect the TV through app and control the volume of TV but unable to CAST or mirror the mobile on TV. When I try to click on CAST button, a pop up message says "Connecting…" and disappears. I tried all the possible steps provided. Please help me to resolve this issue

  3. Anton Ng

    Great videos very help full, need your help with something. I have 2 tp-link kasa light switches setup one in the master bed room and the other in the kitchen. Under the off and on button on google home app I only see the master bed room missing the kitchen. I tried asking google to sink my devices but it's still not there. I see the kitchen in the list of devices and it work find. Thank for your help.

  4. Gacha Yasminee

    So this is how you make a room, (very simple) go to your menu in Google Home. It will look like an account sign.Then go to settings. Go to assistant and then scroll you will see home control. Click it after that there will be rooms written. Click the plus sign. Then choose a room (scroll for more) then when you selected it click on the check mark (or done) And you have a room

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