39 Replies to “FULL Ghost of Tsushima Official Gameplay Presentation | PlayStation State of Play”

  1. Carbinax

    looks stunning. I've wanted an open world ninja game for such a long time. From software ignored tenchu fans. Ubisoft wouldn't go there with assassins creed who would rather do stealthy vikings ( hello? …..wut ?? ), but this looks amazing. Great soundtrack too. Buying for sure.

  2. Rebeckah Sypik

    The ghost mode sounds alot like its a ninja mode. It sounds like a good game where you can chose to play as a samurai or ninja or some combination of the two. I hope it eventually is available on steam.

  3. Tenkuu Otoshi

    Im not really a fan of how the combat looks like, it could be animated more real. Your body doesnt turn around when getting hit by an arrow its just falling down by the impact. And the sword doesnt look like its actually making deep cuts or even cuts off limbs. Thats just my opinion tho, still a great game in other aspects.

  4. Jianimal Gaming

    The soundtrack around 3:20 reminds me so much of the Witcher 3 soundtracks. Simply beautiful. There's something in common between a witcher and this samurai.Their lonesome journeys in the war torn worlds both have some kind of sadness and the ambience and soundtracks are very suiting. Can't wait!!!

  5. Tobi

    Apparently, the map will be pretty big and packed full of people, places, and stories to explore. Don't expect and Odessey sized map, as that is too big, but expect a decent size.

  6. pockylovingranger

    Holy fucking shit balls this game is GORGEOUS! Also since this is basically the Feudal Japan Assassin's Creed Game we've been waiting for, I think ubisoft should take us the Sengoku period or something like that 😀

  7. Superior Snake

    How the hell does Xbox even survives? Is it Forza, Cuphead, Halo? Uncle Sam's patriotism? Or maybe it's the 60 fps those fanboys keep bragging about? Humans are strange creatures after all …

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