FreeFlight Pro — Parrot Bebop 2 — Settings Overview

A look at Freeflight Pro, the control app for Parrot Bebop, Bebop 2 and Disco drone that replace Freeflight 3. A helpful look into the Parrot Bebop 2 app. This video may be helpful to beginners and all who haven’t looked into the settings.

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38 Replies to “FreeFlight Pro — Parrot Bebop 2 — Settings Overview”

  1. Antony Kandathil John

    I have got the brand new Parrot Bedop 2, i am trying to control the drone using my mobile with FreeFlight Pro, The Drone take off and the app gets disconnected and the drone is on its own and keep on flying at the 1 meter height. Could you please help me.

  2. Bob Hutko

    One thing I can’t figure out… how to tell if you have a solid GPS lock? The first time I hit the RTH button my drone started flying away from me, and now I’m afraid to use it again, but it seems like a really important feature to have working!

  3. Bernard B

    Have you ever loss one or more of your propellers on your bebop 2 drone? I HAVE SEVERAL TIME! Usually on a hard landing. It is frustrating and shouldn't happen but it does. Well here is the product that is a solution to preventing that from happening again. These Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs are easy to install and works great. Just using your figures, mainly your tum, press Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs into the larger propeller holes. They lock the propellers in place and will not let them unlock. I haven't loss a propeller since installing the Bebop 2 Propeller Plugs. You can find them on ebay, just search for “bebop 2 propeller plug”.

  4. Mark Langeneker

    Just wondering how the Bebop 2 handles elevation changes. Lets say you do a flight plan and you set the height to 75 feet along the way there is a hill 100 feet tall. Will the bebop 2 run into the hill or will it maintain the 75 foot height above land?

  5. 5153flash

    Im using skycontroller 2 and cant get the option of the position icon. The one that shows which way bebop is facing and which way you are facing. Is it possible to get that option wt my set-up?

  6. garry1220able

    hi there, i'm new subee here and nice video tutorial… question, do you always use 'ALL' (both 2.5 and 5 Ghz) on wifi connections on your flying? do you get DC even in short distances? or is it a solid connections with 'All' wifi connection? i have SC1 and bebop 2 all the time when flying…
    Thanks for your time!

  7. Profile pics are too mainstream

    Ever since i purchased a bebop 2 i have had serious problems. I cannot turn off the drone without pulling the battery, i cannot retrieve media (via wifi or connecting the drone directly to my desktop). Half the time my phone will connect to the bebop wifi but the app will not recognize the drone. I feel like i have either a severely defective drone or the bebop is just a poorly developed piece of software. Anyone else experience any of these problems?

  8. Mechanics Getting Coffee

    Thanks for this very informative video and sharing your expertise on the Skycontroller black edition, appreciate it. Quick question – which version number of FreeFlight Pro was used in this video? I'm just hoping the latest version of FreeFlight Pro didn't remove support for the Skycontroller 1 black edition. If you have any insights into this, please let us know! Thanks again 🙂

  9. Luis Rodriguez

    Hey how are you? I'm hoping you can help with this dilemma I'm having. I have a samsung galaxy note 4 marshmallow (not rooted) a bebop 2 with sc2. Every time I connect the controller to my phone via USB it connects fine and shows video feed when it connects to the bebop but after a few seconds it's a constant loop of no connection /connecting. I have no idea how to maintain a steady connection to use the phone with the controller to fly the bebop. I've asked around and no help. The controller and bebop are up to date. I called parrot but they won't help because I accidently broke the cross frame on the drone and they blamed it on the firmware not being updated but it honestly is updated. Do you or anyone else have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

  10. Nate Brock

    Thanks for in informative video. Any idea how I change my camera settings? All my photos are fish eye and I cant figure out how to take normal photos. I can get to my video settings, but I cant find camera settings anywhere.

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